Why Activity Tracking Applications For Instagram Are So Useful And Productive


Social media platforms, especially Instagram, have countless tools to virtually connect us to our friends, family, and even strangers. However, it’s just human nature to always want more, and of course, people have begun to feel the same way about these social media applications. Everyone wants more information regarding the people they follow, and activity tracking applications help them to do just that. The demand for these services has sky-rocketed ever since Instagram removed its “friends tab” that allowed users to see what posts people they follow are liking. However, some are still hesitant due to security issues. Not anymore, though, because Instagram activity tracking apps the likes of Snoop Report with 26k+ satisfied users now exist. There are examples of reports they’ve previously done on the website, so you know what information you’ll be getting from the get-go.


If you’re an IG user who’s considering using the app or just someone who already has it but doesn’t know what ways it can be helpful, we’ve compiled a handy list for you in this article.


The ‘Friends Tab’ Is Back:

You don’t have to miss out on the friends tab that IG removed because this activity tracking app will tell you how to see what someone likes on Instagram. In fact, it’ll compile all of the liked content of the targeted person in an easy-to-understand table for you. You’ll gain so much more insight on the people you’re following this way. The app will compile weekly and monthly lists for you to go through. Not only that, but it’ll divide the posts in photos and videos separately. You’ll even get data on the number of likes they received!


Immersing In Your Friends’ Interests:

By seeing the kind of social media posts your friends interact with, you can know a lot about their likes and dislikes. This can be handy if you’re trying to look for something in common with them to talk about or simply just assessing their interests to find them the perfect present.


An Easy Way To Find Mutuals:

It can be tiresome to go through so many IG users to see who you have multiple mutuals with. Instagram only rarely recommends those accounts, and you have to click on the individual’s profile to find out if you have mutuals with them. This application makes the task much easier for you! You can get accumulated lists of people you have mutuals with. Through this, you can discern who you know already, follow them if you want to, and even find new people to follow! Since they are your mutuals, there’s a high chance they’ll follow you back as well.


Keeping Up With Celebrities You Admire:

There are a ton of fan accounts dedicated to celebrities on Instagram, famously known as ‘stan’ accounts. This activity tracking app is the most helpful tool ever for you to keep up with your favorite celebrities’ lives. You can use the data to specifically create posts to add to your fan accounts as well.


Monitoring Your Children’s IG Activity:

Parenting is a tough job, especially regulating your child’s internet use. Kids can be sneaky, and parents can effectively utilize this app to ensure they aren’t involved in anything dangerous or inappropriate. Additionally, it can help them find out their kids’ interests and personality as well.


Adhering To Your Audience And Increasing Engagement:

This is a sure way to success for IG influencers. You can use different tools offered by the app to know their audience, so that they can make content that appeals to them. There are numerous ways to maximize marketing for your professional account through it. In fact, many businesses tend to use this to sell their products as well. You can even analyze what time your followers are active the most, and then start to post at the same time to gain maximum engagement for your posts. The followers get to see your content despite the algorithm, and you get the chance of sponsorships because of the high engagement. It’s a win-win situation.

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