Cow Milk Or Goat Milk Formula? Here’s The Solution To Your Confusion


Are you looking for the best organic baby formula that is nutritious, healthy and doesn’t make your baby gassy or fussy? Many new parents opt for baby formula because the new mothers are unable to latch their baby or produce less milk for feeding. Finding such a meal can be a difficult task but the right organic milk formula can make it easier. There are many organic options like Holle formula that is a healthy replacement without causing any digestive issue to your baby. The European Union holds Holle’s formula to strict ingredient guidelines to ensure that there are no dangerous additives or GMO’s present. The Holle manufactures two types of milk formula; cow & goat. These formulas are organic and completely free from harmful ingredients. Both the types of formulas are manufactured in Germany and it has received the Demeter seal of approval.

Both cow and goat holle formulas have some differences, to know more about it, keep on reading:

Primary ingredients in both the formulas:

The difference in both the formulas is its primary ingredient, i.e. goat formula has more probiotics whereas cow formula is infant friendly.

Ingredients used in Cow milk formula

Biodynamic skimmed milk – Skim milk is the signature ingredient of cow milk formula. It contains all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a baby’s body needs.

Starch- Starch is present in Stage 2, 3, 4 milk formulas. It contains carbohydrates that help babies to grow.

Organic Whey powder- This powder has a far lower concentration than skim milk.

Organic palm oil- The organic palm oil inside the formula is made through an eco-friendly process and is completely harmless.

Organic Lactose and maltodextrin- Lactose is the milk sweetener and remains naturally present in the milk which is not bad for your baby. On the other hand, maltodextrin is enriched with carbohydrates and is derived from starch.

Ingredients used in Goat milk formula

Organic goat milk powder- The Holle goat milk formula contains powerful nutrients that are healthy for your baby’s body.

L-tryptophan– This ingredient increases serotonin levels and helps the baby to sleep soundly.

Choline bitartrate– Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine that is beneficial for a baby’s metabolism

These are the ingredients of two different Holle baby formulas, but each one has different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients present.

Nutrients present in Cow milk formula

Vitamins C, E are antioxidants. Vitamin B1, B6, K, and D are essential for physical growth. The other nutrients present are ferrous lactate, Zinc sulphate, Copper sulphate, sodium citrate, manganese sulphate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate, and D-calcium pantothenate.

Nutrients present in Goat milk formula

This organic baby formula is full of vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12 Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and other nutrients like Iron sulfate, Zinc sulfate, Niacin, copper sulphate. Folic acid, and Biotin, and many such ingredients are similar to cow milk.

The benefits of both the milk formulas are as follows

Benefits of cow’s milk formula

  • The case in protein present in this organic baby formula is near to that of breast milk.
  • It is completely free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, flavors, and colors and is made of the natural process of chemical-free agriculture and production.
  • It is suitable to be used from birth and comes in four different stages that are suitable for a baby of up to 12 months.

Benefits of goat’s milk formula

  • Goat milk formula carries four times more casein than breast milk which is equally beneficial.
  • The probiotics present in the goat milk formula which is beneficial for your child’s health in the first few months especially if he has digestive issues.
  • It contains tryptophan which helps your baby sleep better and also a healthy nutrient named amino acids.
  • It is gluten-free, easy to digest, free from sugar, and also suitable for preparing Holle wholegrain porridges.

This is how the organic infant formulasare subdivided. Both the formulas meet EU’s organic and Demeter’s high biodynamic standards which is one of the oldest organic food groups. Hope this article gives you an idea as to which baby formula is perfect for your baby.

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