Should I Renovate My Basement


Basements have become valued resources as they are often used as an additional bedroom that increases a house’s value.

A finished basement can increase a home’s resale value. Generally speaking, when it comes time to sell your home, the average return on your investment for a basement remodel is about 75%. Ultimately, it depends on your motivation.

  1. Pros and Cons of a Basement Remodel

To begin with, renovating your basement means your home will be much more comfortable and enjoyable for the entire family. Even if you don’t use the basement as an additional bedroom so you can have guests over, you could make a home entertainment center out of it. You will increase the living square footage of your home which is very attractive to prospective buyers. It is far easier to gain the space than deal with a messy addition that also requires a permit. You could even improve access to your home in the form of a walkout basement or access to the backyard.

On the other hand, it is still a basement and they always come with issues such as moisture. Basements are notorious for humidity and dampness creates mildew and mold which you don’t want in your home. You really need to consider whether the gain will justify the expense. As now you will actually use the space, you will have to heat, light, and possibly cool it as well which means a higher Oncor Energy monthly bill is unavoidable. Moreover, that’s not the end of it as your home’s higher resale value comes with higher taxes.

  1. Ideas for Your Basement Remodel.

Here are some basement remodeling ideas to get your creative juices going.

Turn it into a bedroom

An additional bedroom is a great plus for prospective buyers. For you, it’s a perfect solution if have a teen that’s tired of sharing a bedroom with younger siblings or cousins staying over often.

Make a small apartment

Taking it one step further and transforming the space into a suite with a kitchenette and a bathroom can turn your basement into your additional income rental source.

Make it into a gym

You can even add a sauna or divide up workout stations. The point is you get to carve out your own space to make exercise fun. If anything, you’ll save a ton of money from your gym membership and enjoy great health.

Create an entertainment center

Basements often have little to no windows, so the dark space is ideal for a home theater. All you need is a projector and a screen, with a few lazy bags. A cool basement can be fun for kids as well if you decide to make a playroom.

  1. Basement Renovation Tricks and Tips

As previously mentioned, basements are vulnerable to structural stresses and moisture issues, so you need to invest in quality materials or technology.

Fix cracks

Quality carbon fiber crack repair solution will resolve any issue you spot.

Give flooring some love

Flooring needs to be among your priorities. Adding a sub floor is a great way to ensure you will create a create comfortable, warm, and dry living space. R-value is key: The higher the R-value, the better the material will insulate the space. As for the design, don’t worry about the cost as vinyl plank flooring gives the stylish look of hardwood floors for half the price.

Don’t forget about energy efficiency

You want to use efficient materials to make the entire home comfortable. Poorly insulated basements can be responsible for as much as a third of total home heat loss so use this renovation to enhance the insulation of your household – not only will it be more comfortable, but your heating and cooling costs will also go down as a result.

Be creative

Explore different wall textures. Mixed wood will give a cabin feel whereas charcoal stones and bricks give a more rustic look. You can add arches to give your basement a new look and ‘separate’ the zones.


Take some time to look at the big picture. Having a finished basement is not only great for making your house more entertaining and inviting, but it’s also profitable because it’s a feature that home buyers want. Moreover, finishing the basement is one of the best ways to increase living space without breaking the bank.

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