What to Consider Before Getting a Dog


The most popular choice for a family pet in the world is a dog. It’s easy to see why these loyal companions often shower their owners with affection. They’re fun and playful, bringing joy to the whole family. However, if you’re planning to welcome one of these cute canines into your life, some things need your consideration first.


Even if you decide to save a dog from the pound, there will be regular expenses like food, insurance, and vet bills to consider. You also need to consider the toys, treats, or additional items you want to purchase for your new pet. Bringing a dog home is adding another mouth to feed and personality to nurture and care for. Before you make a  decision, consider your financial situation and whether or not you can realistically afford the extra expenses.


It is important to think about the size of the breed you choose. Larger dogs will require more exercise, regular walking, and more food. Also, if your living space isn’t that big, then a large dog might not fit into it as comfortably as a petite one. You might have always wanted a kind of dog growing up, but before you get one on impulse, ask yourself if you have space for it.


Dogs require lots of attention. You must be spending time with your canine companion; however, if your job keeps you away from home all day, consider dog day-care. Day care is the perfect solution for those who long for a dog of their own but are concerned they don’t have enough time. Your dog will be left in the hands of professionals while you go to work and have other dogs there to play. To learn more about these services, head over to heartandpaw.com.


Before you bring a dog into your home, make sure each of your family members is comfortable with the idea, first. It might come as a shock, but not everyone is a fan of dogs! If you have young children, it is also worth noting what breeds of dogs are the most kid friendly. Sadly, there have been incidents where young children have been attacked by dogs and left with serious injuries. In most cases, these attacks are a result of ill-treatment of the hound by its owner, but some breeds tend to be more volatile than others.  Do some research into this first before you bring a dog into a house with young children.


A dog isn’t just a passing fancy. Ask yourself how much dedication to this pet you will truly have. It’s cruel to bring a dog into your home to then abandon it when you have had enough. Looking after a pet is a commitment, if you don’t want that then don’t get one- simple.

Every type of pet deserves to be cared for; therefore, these points should be considered for all animals you’re thinking of getting, not just dogs.

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