The Evolution of Architecture


Architecture was once seen as an engagement between the divine and the supernatural. Today it is hard to define it down to one thing.

Architecture has evolved over the years. Architecture has managed to be work and play. One of the most beautiful things about architecture is its gift to tell stories.

But what is it about this art form that differs from others? One of the next chapters for architecture involves sustainability, but how did it go from a to b?

The birth of architecture

Historians have trouble pinpointing down exactly when architecture first came around, but believe that it most likely came shortly after the humans took their first step and were looking for shelter.

If you take a close look at history, humans were designing stone circles long before ancient Greece and Rome.

Some of the first dwellings can be seen in the cliffs throughout America and the creation of Stonehenge which still creates debates on its purpose today. Even though architecture can be found that far back, it cannot be explained. How can humans create that?

Architecture has helped us put together a lot of questions about the past. The structure of architecture has helped create history, but when people go to Egypt and see the Giza pyramids for the first time, architecture also creates questions. It seems impossible that humans could create something so big with the tools they had.

Architecture creates answers and questions at the same time.

Architecture in the business world today

Architecture grew throughout the years. It first gave millions of people work. Then it was an art form. Today architecture is still an art form, but it has evolved into a whole profession as well.

Most people can appreciate beauty, but it is not an easy task to define and create it. This is where architecture services like the Architecture Firm in Detroit Neumann/Smith Architecture come in.

It’s hard to create the right surroundings yourself. Especially if you are not naturally gifted or educated in the field of architecture.

Luckily, it is possible to hire an architecture service that helps design exactly what you have in mind. If you already have somewhat of an idea, then they can help you along the way. If you don’t have an idea, then they will bring ideas to you. Architects work closely with their clients. This way, you will be able to figure out together what you want – and don’t want.

Architecture and sustainability

The word sustainability is not exactly new, but it was not a concept that architects would consider often in the past.

Today, sustainability is as much a concern for architects as every other professional. They must face two things that often go against each other. They need to balance building performance and strict carbons targets against the cost.

The role of architecture keeps evolving. It is close to impossible to describe architecture in one word because it is so many things. It is beauty, history, a service, and it is an art form. It even has the same struggles as humans do now – it must find a way to work in favor of the environment.

The evolution of architecture seems to only have just started.

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