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Roses Planting, Growing, and Pruning Process: Full Procedure Explained

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Every new beginner is worried about planting but the process of planting roses is very easy. Planting of roses is full of fun and a very enjoyable moment. 

Before planting a rose plant certain things you must have to keep in mind that you have to soak bare root of the roses in a bucket which is full of water. Soak them for 8-12 hours before planting.

For better results, you have to plant the roses in late spring or early summer. You can plant these roses at any time. 

How you Select and prepare a placing site

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  • Plant your roses where they will receive a minimum five hours to 6 hours of complete sunlight per day.
  • Morning sunlight is also essential for your plant because it will dry the leaves and helps to prevent diseases.
  • As the sun rays changes according to the seasons so you have to keep in mind the direction of the sun. Place your plants where your sun will round the complete year because if the plants get lighter then it will produce more flowers.
  • With the help of Afternoon lights, the flowers become last longer and protect blossoms from the sunlight.
  • If you are residing in a cold climate, growing roses nearby to your home because it will provide some degree of winter protection.
  • Roses require a soil that will drain well and holds moisture for the roots to absorb them.
  • Roses don’t like cold and wet feet.
  • Roses like loamy and loose soil.
  • You have to provide proper good air circulation to plants while planning for multiple roses.
  • It prefers a neutral pH range (Range of 5.5–7.0) and For Home Gardens 6.5 is good.

How to plant roses

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  1. First, you have to wear gloves which are protecting your hands from Prickly Thorns.
  2. Have a bucket which is full of water
  3. Place all planting tools to your nearby.
  4. Remove any cane thinner and prune each cane back to 3-5 buds per cane.
  5. If you plant container-grown roses, the roots of the roses are loosened before planting.
  6. Whenever you plant the rose, please ensure to dig a bigger hole
  7. Add some Organic matter like as compost, aged manure.
  8. Soak the new planted rose’s plants with water.
  9. Mound the loose soil around the canes to protect the roses plant
  10. It will be recommended placing 4-inch square gypsum wallboard and 16-penny nail to provide calcium and iron to roses.
  11. Roses should be planted about two-thirds of expected height.
  12. Miniature roses are planted closer than Old garden roses because they require more space.

How to Grow Roses

  1. To increase or promote the growth of plant artificial liquid fertilizers is essential for them. The growth becomes soft and tender.
  2. This will attracts aphids and other pests.
  3. You can add a balanced granular fertilizer once in a month between the months of April to July.
  4. Please ensure to allow ¾ to 1 cup for each bush, and sprinkle it around the drip line, not against the stem.
  5. After that, you will have to scratch an additional tablespoon of Epsom salts along with the fertilizers so that the magnesium sulphate will promote the new growth of bush from the bottom.
  6. Banana Peels is also a good source to expand growth. It contains magnesium, phosphates, calcium, and sulphur which is beneficial for roses. There are three ways to serve those peels:
  7. Lays down the strip of peels in the base of each bush.
  8. Bury a black, mushy banana next to each bush.
  9. Chop the peels of banana, and let them sit in a sealed jar of water for two weeks and at last pour the mixture under each and every bush.

How to Prune Roses

Pruning is the simplest way to improve the health of your rose bushes, preventing the plant from diseases and encouraging the plants for better flowering.it keeps the bush fresh and open for better air circulation through the centre of the bush.

  1. Remove all remaining leaves- this will help to see the structure of the bushes. This step helps to remove pests or diseases which may be hide overwinter in the foliage.
  2. Start with the dead wood-The brown part is dead so you have to cut it out and the green part is living.
  3. Open up the centre of the plant-The main aim of this step is to reach branches in a vase-like shape in an open structure.
  4. Remove any thin, weak growth- The basic work of this is to remove anything thinner than a pencil.
  5. Prune the remaining canes- cuts at 45-degree angle sloping which is away from the bud and allow water to run off.
  6. Seal fresh cuts
  7. Clean up-clean the bushes well.
  8. Feed your roses- Roses require proper nutrition, so it is necessary to feed them with long-lasting fertilizer.
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