Vanities and cabinets in your bathroom design


It is physiologically tricky for us humans to live without any changes. These changes can be both psychological and material. However, many will agree that psychological change is easier to occur under the influence of material. So, for example, to unload morally, you may need to change the image or the situation. But to change the problem, it is not necessary to leave for another city or another country. It is enough to make adjustments to the existing apartment.

The interior of your apartment is synchronized with your internal state. And since you were attracted to the title of this article, we will tell you how to improve your condition by starting from the bathroom.


  1. Plan and style

Before proceeding with the transformation of the bathroom, you need to build a clear concept for its modification, starting with defining the style of the interior and ending with the choice of materials from which specific attributes of the bathroom will be made.

Many people do not give their preference to Blossom bath vanity because it looks harmoniously with various style solutions. In use, it is much more practical than other companies.

Among the styles, the most popular are the classic style, modern, and country (rustic style).


  1. The importance of choosing bathroom vanity color

After determining the style, it is worth moving on to the selection of colors. Your taste preferences play a huge role in this matter, but there is no need, as they say, to “cut it in the heat of the moment.” Suppose you are crazy about the bright red color. The answer to the question about the color palette of the room, it would seem, is obvious. Still, the colors, like everything that happens around us, directly affect our physiological components.

So, for example, the red color causes increased brain activity, and as a result, increased fatigue, which is not acceptable in the bathroom. However, aggressive colors have a place to be but do not give them the central role. If you don’t want to risk it, go for more soothing colors like pastels or standard whites. For example, you can find a luxury bathroom vanity in white on our website


  1. Use of area

We must not forget about the distribution of the area. As a rule, it is usually not enough, so the placement of plumbing fixtures, storage places, and other bath accessories should be considered in advance.

It is not uncommon for apartments to have small bathrooms. Then it is worth abandoning the bulky bathtub instead of installing a shower tray and a shower stall.


A shower can perfectly replace a bath and vice versa, but bathroom vanities cannot be replaced! The sink for the bathroom is the main attribute of the bathroom. Therefore special attention should be paid to it.


It is better to choose a bathroom cabinet made of natural wood. Such vanities are more durable and practical. These bathrooms vanity are used in an extensive palette of colors in a massive variety of shapes and sizes, so natural wood cabinets will not restrain you. They will perfectly match any color scheme of your bathroom. Suppose you have a work plan, preferred sizes. In that case, you can make an individual order on our website if you live in Brooklyn, NY, bathroom vanity Blossom, Lexora, Dowell, or any other vanities you can watch in our showroom.


  1. Lighting and its effect on the body

Lighting is also an essential element in shaping the future of your bathroom. A poorly lit room can adversely affect human health. Starting with deterioration of vision and ending with increased fatigue and tension, which is unacceptable in a bathroom, a space intended primarily for relaxation and purification, both physical and internal.

Therefore, the lighting should be as close to daylight as possible – bright but at the same time soft. The source of illumination can be either one large (pendant) lamp or several small ceiling lamps. For safety and cost reasons, choose a light source that is corrosion resistant and highly moisture resistant. You can order an Aquadom medicine cabinet with light that fits perfectly into any modern interior in our store your bathroom.

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