SimplyGram Reviews – How Can Small Businesses Attract New Customers on Instagram


In the social media world, Instagram has been a major player for the past few years now. Today, over 65 million active users on Instagram every month upload about 10 billion photographs. Instagram also has an iconic logo making it an indispensable platform for marketing only if small businesses know how to use it well.

SimplyGram Reviews is a digital marketing blog that shares tips on how businesses can increase their reach on Instagram. This blog helps both businesses and professionals alike optimize their engagement on Instagram better to reach out to their targeted audience effectively.

When you wish to market your small business on Instagram, keep the following tips in mind: –

  1. Create captions with engaging emojis- When you optimize emojis, you can reach out to your followers and engage them more effectively. There is a saying that one picture is worth a thousand words and hashtags are different and, to a certain extent, funny to some degree. Try using both of them together to get that extra spark of creativity. Emojis work quite well on Instagram, and they add personality to all your business messages. You can even use the same emoji for different posts, or you can mix their styles and colors for every new post you publish on the platform.
  1. Remain original- Original content works really well for the audience, especially when they see your captions online. Note, when you are posting on Instagram, multiple posts are the same as yours. You need to stand out from them, and this is where originality works. You must ensure that you have a unique perspective or angle that your followers appreciate. You do not want to be a business without value. In order to create something that is memorable, the post should be unique.
  1. Use the hashtags wisely- Make sure you choose your hashtags carefully. You should look for your own specific hashtag and see how it works when you use it in all your posts. There is actually no guarantee that your hashtag will get noticed as many factors go into it for performance. There are specific hashtags that people tend to every time they create a post, while some perform better when they are used occasionally.

Note the hashtags that perform well are about eight to ten characters long. Make sure that the hashtags you use are simple to read by the people. You can also use a combination of hashtags and not just focus on a single one or two.

SimplyGram Reviews says that when you are a small business, ensure you keep the above tips in mind. Instagram is an amazing platform for a small business owner because it is cost-effective and simple to use. It caters to all business niches, and therefore it is highly successful and popular along with its older counterparts like Facebook and Twitter.

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