Finding Your Dog Best Friend: Knowing Your Top Options


There are dog lovers everywhere. And having one is not only fun but also a responsibility. The tasks you need to do are almost like having kids. You have to feed and bathe them. Get them vaccine shots, and train them.

From professional puppy training all the way to being a full-blown adult dog,  the years you have with each other are what bonds you together. Just like humans, dogs are capable of getting to know you. But do you know if the dog you have is good for you?

There are horror stories told about dogs. They hurt their owners, and some are uncontrollable. There are those that find their dog un-trainable. While some can’t get along with the family. As a result, pet owners sent them to dog shelters. Worst of all, they let them go astray.

What pet owners do not know is there are gaps in choosing which dog to own. You have your own ideas. Then choose from the dog that looks cute, the smart, or the submissive ones.

What you don’t know is there are factors you need to consider. First, you need to consider the dog’s energy level. Second, you need to know their breed or culture. And as owners, you need to consider your lifestyle. That’s where you start to connect the dots to get the perfect dog for you.

There are many other stories about dog heroism. Like dogs taking an attack to save their owner’s lives. They run and dash to the door at the sound of their owner coming home. They are very sensitive to little children and will care for them the best way they know how.

They are also very therapeutic to those who are sick and lonely. And they are a perfect companion to kids with special needs. All these qualities make them worthy of the moniker “man’s best friend”.

Here are ways you can find dogs that are right for you based on Dog Hierarchy. Note that these are terminologies used by professional dog trainers. 

1. Front of the Pack a.k.a The Alpha Dog

These are dogs with calm and confident energy. They are often very quiet. They have self-security. And they are very intelligent.

They don’t do a lot of barking and do not move as much. They use other senses when they don’t like a person or situation. But be aware of the warning signs they give because when they make a move, it will be a very strong movement.

They have very strong energy. These are the types of dogs that are competitive and functional. These are very useful when they enter the Canine Unit of the Police Force. They have the ability to convert their energy into mechanical motion.

If a family would like to own them, here are some tips. First, alpha dogs are good for a farm lifestyle. They love the outdoors so the family better have a large space outside. They are also good for a person who is not sociable but wants to go outdoors and needs protection.

Examples are: American Pitbull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Rottweiler

2. Middle of the Pack a.k.a. Beta Dogs

These dogs have happy-go-lucky energy. What they want is an environment where everybody gets along. They are perfect for big families. They are also good for children because they have a playful disposition.

But the dog owners must set rules and boundaries. They need to train them with limitations, or they become super hyper. If untrained and on a leash, they will have the tendency to pull the leash. When aggravated they will continuously bark. They can have very disrespectful behavior.

But they are very intelligent. They need training and that is what their energy requires. Beta dogs are good for families that live in the city. A very good company for the social type of person. And they also love attention and being pet by others.

Example: German Shepherd

3. Back of the Pack a.k.a Omega Dogs

They are known to be the most sensitive among the pack. They have the capacity to know the weather, and are able to provide warnings. Their sense of smell and hearing are their best assets.

But they need proper protection and direction. If unguided, they may develop insecurity, anxiety and fear. They can also show aggression if they are not diligent owners. With proper training, they are also good for families that live in the city as they are good followers. They are happy to be around people and other dogs.

Remember, dog owning is a very good passion. But without diligence and education, it will be an unpleasant experience. Give yourself time to research before being a dog owner. Talk to dog experts. There are many resources online.

By doing this you will find a dog that can serve you. At the same time, you can give your dog an environment where they can thrive. Then you and your dog can be best friends forever.

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