The Most Terrible Home Design Mistakes You Can Ever Make


Hoarders are probably the only things that are scarier than all those creepy clowns. But for every single décor mistake you ever make, there is one solution or the other that will surely help in conquering it. Keep reading to discover the most terrifying of all interior design errors and the best ways for fixing them so they do not keep haunting your home till eternity. Home styling experts can be invaluable to help here.

Matching décor too closely:

Having a set of chairs, tables, clothes and other fabrics that match completely in order to make your space appear cohesive, is a very common misconception when it comes to interior décor. This type of design completely eradicates the character of a room. In place of that go for complementary palettes, shapes and styles rather than those that fully match.

Crowding surfaces with frames and photos:

Any tabletop that’s covered with picture frames will always appear cluttered. Instead, create a gallery wall to clear up considerable space and attract the eye to other areas.

Going past normal on any theme:

There is nothing that scares people like a theme that’s overdone. Covering all walls, surfaces and furnishing in ocean-inspired patterns and palm prints seems truly tacky even if you live in the Bahamas. In place of that, you can bring your real passions to life via more subtle gestures such as textural elements, fabric and art prints. Small seemingly irrelevant touches in home styling certainly make bigger impacts.

Unfit furniture:

The furniture in your living room must be in true scale with available space. Too frequently, individuals visit a store and see a sofa that appears great in a large, open room, but when they purchase and bring it home, it is way extra big. Or, they go for pieces that are of same height. You should ensure that you always mix varieties when it comes to heights, silhouettes and lengths that you put into any room. This makes the room a much more inviting, and visually pleasing space.

Becoming victim of latest trends:

Changing all your silver for rose gold or congesting your space with iridescent furniture could presently appear like a good idea, but being a fanatic of current trends most times makes your room appear tragic. Additionally, any home that contains only new and trending items appears impersonal. Spend on timeless pieces you are certain that you will love, then, mix in trends with affordable accessories.

Pattern congestion:

Every individual is, to some extent, a supporter of pattern mixing. But it sometimes reaches some stage that it must be qualified as having gone overboard. Ensure that you scale your patterns and utilise varying options to create interest while still avoiding any ‘matchy-matchy’ appearance. It is always necessary, at all times, to have a balance of patterns and solids.

There are so many home design mistakes that will make all the effort, time and money you spend on your home’s interior décor appear just like a waste. This is because these mistakes take away from the beauty of your interior. But if you can avoid the ones listed here according to a professional firm that offers home styling in Sydney, then you will surely be on your way to creating the best possible interior and design for your home.

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