How the Right Choice Of LED bulbs Can Make Your Room Look Brighter?


Who does not want the room to look all bright and big! In fact, we also pick up the colours that we feel will make our room look really cheerful and spacious. In the same way, lights also play a key role in making a room look bigger and spacious. But, that’s not all; it’s important to keep in mind that every room has its own specific requirement of light’s intensity and brightness. While you might want the bedroom to be moderately bright, you will always want the living room, study, dining room, and kitchen to be the most brightly lit. But to ensure that you need to select the right kind of indoor LED lights for each and every room.

Check lumen, not Watt

Though quite mistakenly, we check the ‘Watt’ of the light instead of lumen, it’s not exactly the case. The wattage of a light has nothing to do with the brightness of the light. However, Watt is simply the unit of power that the light is consuming every hour. There was a time when we only used tungsten bulbs and it was common knowledge that higher the power consumption, brighter the tungsten wire will glow. However, moving on to the latest LED technology, this cannot be said to be completely true. What you really need to check is the lumen. Sure, the value of lumen increases with wattage. However, you need to check it out for different brands given the fact that not all adheres to the same quality control steps. Most importantly, what you need to know if that the lights you choose offer uniformity and proper lighting level.

Find a cooler light

The modern technology allows the LED to emit various shades of white and now we can also have multicolored LED bulbs. However, when you are trying to buy an LED light, which is common for most household needs, you must check the Kelvin. Higher the figure here, the cooler is the light emitted by the LED. Make sure you get the highest number under the Kelvin section so as to be sure that the light is indeed going to be cool white. Also make sure that the lighting arrangement you choose for your interiors comes with zero glare and no flicker aspects.

Make your room look more spacious

Checking watt and Kelvin will certainly allow you to choose the best while LED light for your place. But, do you know that there is a variety of LED lights as well? It is really easy to make even a crammed place look real big with the right type of lights and their placement. Choose from battens,  panels and  cabinet lights to make it look more bright and  spacious.

Choose a bright light – Always and under any circumstance choose the brightest light you can. It will make the room appear really big.

Use lamp fittings that cannot be seenYou may decide to have your lamps hanging by the ceiling. However, choosing a fitting which is transparent will make your room have enough space.

Use enough lightingUse enough lighting to cover all the nooks and corners. Dark areas make the room look small. Use enough lighting to allow light to reach every corner of the room.

With the right light you can save thousands and also make you house look even more attractive.

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