Reasons for Following a Holistic Learning Approach for Learners


You feel proud about your children when they excel at school. If they show you a high score in math or science, it makes you feel great. You also conclude that your children are smart. The truth is that cognitive development is only one part of the equation. Children deserve holistic learning. It means that they have to grow in every aspect. Some schools don’t necessarily understand the benefit of holistic learning, but it’s worth pursuing.

Human beings have different facets

You might wonder why some intelligent people end up with severe emotional distress. Others who do well in class have a hard time surviving the streets. The answer is that they didn’t receive holistic training. There was immense focus on developing only one aspect. The problem is that human beings have different facets. While it helps to be academically outstanding, it’s not everything. We also need to learn how to socialize with others. Physical strength and stamina are also essential. There should be an opportunity for students to learn in different areas and improve.

Students should have an opportunity to shine

Another reason for following a holistic learning approach is that everyone should have an opportunity to stand out. Some students love playing musical instruments. Others like to play sports. When learning, they should have the chance to showcase their skills and strengths. It helps them do well in class and feel proud of their accomplishments. Otherwise, it will be the same group of students who perform well and get a high score. It makes others feel less motivated.

The point is that teachers should use different strategies in teaching. Using the lecture method all the time won’t work. Teachers should also allow students to select their output where they enjoy whatever they decide to do.

Keep learning at home

As parents, we also have the responsibility to make sure that our children receive holistic development. It’s not enough to spend time studying with them or hiring a tutor to help. You should also play with them. It helps promote physical fitness. You can look for establishments that worked with an indoor playground supplier to offer an opportunity to have fun while learning. You can start playing at home in the meantime and visit other places in the future.

It promotes ownership of the learning process

The problem with the educational system is that we keep telling students what to do. We decide what they learn in class or what objectives they have to achieve. It’s not necessarily what they want. Therefore, it’s easy for many students to drift away and not feel involved at all. If we allow them to take ownership of the learning process, it’s easier to do better. They will also be responsible for their behaviour while studying. They know that whatever they do can affect their future.

As parents and teachers, we have to be there to guide the students. It’s not our responsibility to force them to learn something they’re not interested in. It’s the essence of holistic learning.

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