A wedding set comprises an engagement ring and a wedding band which complement each other beautifully. The unique complementary set brings an incredible look when worn on the same figure. Before the wedding, you are allowed to wear the engagement ring and after the wedding, you wear both rings. Wedding and engagement rings when purchased separately can sometimes be hard to match accurately and perfectly.  Wedding sets ensure the finger rings fit perfectly together. The set also includes the groom’s wedding ring. Getting the set is more convenient and time-saving as compared to buying each other separately. The ring on the set embraces more features of the gemstone-like diamond as compared to when bought separately.


Choose the right shapes

It is always important to match the shape of the wedding ring with that of the engagement ring. This will ensure they fit and complement each other well. Wrong shapes will make the rings rub against each other thus causing friction which results to wear and tear.

Consider the compatibility of the metal used 

Ensure that all the rings are made from the same metal. Not all metals are durable for instance, a wedding ring made of hard metal like platinum can easily damage an engagement ring made of gold or diamond by contaminating it.  Always check to confirm whether they are made from the same type of metal to ensure compatibility. If you are not sure of which metal is used, it is always advisable to ask an expert in the jewelry store.

Pick the right size and color

The right side of the ring plays a crucial role when selecting the wedding set especially when the rings are to be worn on the same figure. Make sure you keep the rings in proportion. For instance, if you have chosen an engagement ring with a small center, then you should go for a relatively thin wedding band to make the set look smaller when worn. Also, consider the figure size to avoid picking the wrong size. Choose the color based on your preference and taste.

Select the right style

Select the right style to perfect your wedding day and your entire life.  There is always a wide range of styles to choose from. The styles can be based on one’s personality and budget. It is better to buy the set from a store or dealer that offers exchange services in case you buy the wrong style.

Buy from a reputable and trusted dealer

Choose an authentic and reputable dealer to purchase the wedding set from. Go for the jewelry store or dealer with positive reviews from clients. This will make you buy the right set made from the right metal. Fraudsters sell wedding sets from poor quality metals then coat them with high-quality metals. A reputable dealer will also guide you through the selection process of the right set which fits you. 

Final words

In conclusion, picking the right set can be tricky and challenging for many people. The above article clearly illustrates the most essential and crucial tips to follow. 

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