Looking For The Right Tree Maintenance Tips For This Spring Season? Here Are Some To Follow


Springtime might be near and during this time of the year it is essential to provide extra care and attention to the trees outside. The unfriendly weather conditions build moisture and debris and that is why taking care of the trees is mandatory. To make sure that your trees remain safe against harsh weather conditions this spring, the first and the most important tip is tree maintenance which means to keep it tidy and get it inspected regularly.

Apart from that, there are other tips too to look for, which are as follows:

Spring preparation tips

These spring preparation tips will make your trees suitable for any weather conditions.

Soil test

Get your soil tested by professionals. It is important to know the pH levels of soil. If the pH levels do not meet the requirements, then make adjustments as quickly as possible. The pH levels of different plants and trees differ and the pH levels of the best soil range between 6.0 to 6.5 pH.

Inspect trees

Check for any damages caused to the tree. If there are no leaves, the damages will be clearly visible. The primary causes of damages could be snow and ice. In such cases seek help from a professional. Hire an expert who can find the primary reason for the damage and find an effective solution for that and remove all the fallen branches and waste. Tree removal and eliminating dead plantsis also recommended if there are any trees that have no branches or leaves


Clean your trees if it is surrounded by snow, dead leaves, winter coverings, debris, and dirt caused due to rain. Make sure that the tree leaves or sticks are not clogged up around the tree. Also, clean up your yard. Take time to remove all the fallen leaves, branches, and all the leftovers of your trees. This will create a hygienic and fresh environment for your trees.


Mulching means a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. The mulching conserves the soil moisture, improves fertility and health of the soil which enhances the appearance of the area. Once your yard cleanses, it gets easier for you to mulch around your trees. Mulch a thick layer of 3-4 inches around your tree. This will form a solid protective layer for your trees. The mulch allows the trees to retain more water, keeps away weeds, and reduces the damage from your lawnmower.


Provide your trees with proper nutrients for their healthy growth and withstand warmer weather conditions. These nutrients can be provided through nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. To protect your trees from diseases, apply pests and slow-release fertilizer. Plan to apply it some days prior to the growing season as it will allow the roots to intake the nutrients properly.


Pruning is the process of removal of parts of plants such as roots, buds, and branches. The basic intention behind cutting all of this is to eliminate the damaged, dead, non-functional, and unwanted tissues from crop. If there are any other stubs from old limbs, back branches then make sure to eliminate them too. An arborist is the right person to call for such local tree services. Make sure to prune when the weather is warm.

Planting and care 

When the snow has melted and the weather has turned warm, lay down the mulch for your trees. This will help control weeds and maintain the ideal moisture levels in the soil. The mulch also retains the water and prevents damage from the lawnmower.

Following these tips will make your trees spring ready and let you obtain the benefits of the outdoor nature. It is necessary to maintain the flow of tree inspections, as damages are really quick and can happen anytime. Self-inspect your yard, check for any insects, disease, or tree damages that are not growing as they can ruin your yard. Connect with tree experts quickly at such times.

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