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Who doesn’t like getting the product they want at the lowest possible price? The thing is, when it comes to shopping on the internet, the chances of getting a product for cheaper or a better deal is more likely than a conventional brick and mortar store. Keep reading as we let you in on some of the most well-kept secrets.

Begin Your Internet Shopping On A Wednesday

This is little known among even the most hardcore online shoppers. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are known to be the most common dates on which retailers give out new sales and discount codes. These days also have the biggest varieties of products.

Try Asking For Discounts

Most of you will be reading that with raised eyebrows but this is known to work at times. Every e-commerce site, whether it is a layby online site or a regular one will have some form of contact information. The majority of the sites have a tiny dialogue box on the side. This box allows you to chat with the customer service representative in the company. Text them up and request if the company has any promotion codes or coupons that are available. Most of the time, they will have promo codes that you might not even know of. If the ecommerce site does not have a chat box, try emailing them or calling them. Another option is to try tweeting them or contacting them through social media.

If You Pay Your Bills On Time, Try To Use A Credit Card

This is because it is much faster to refund a credit card than a debit card. This is handy in the event that you need to retract your purchase.

Use Shopping Comparison Sites To Get The Lowest Price

This is one of the biggest advantages of shopping on the internet. Rather than having to go to multiple shops, one can use comparison websites which will find the product you want for cheap by combing through the many sites present. This is a great hack that will help you get the best bang for buck.

Do Not Fall For The Sales Hype

This is a very common technique. The sad part is that many people still fall for it. Companies are known to increase the starting price of a product. What this does is that it makes it seem like you, the buyer is saving more from this sale, which is not the truth. It is up to you to do proper research and uncover the real price of the product on sale. Keep the product in the shopping cart so you do not lose it. After this, do a Google search with the exact name of the product and the brand. Visit other retail sites or the company’s site to get the true value. Chances are, you will even come across a better deal during this process.

Pay Close Attention To The Measurements On Clothing

The last thing you need after you buy a beautiful garment is to make sure that it is not the size that you wanted. Always read the description carefully and ask the customer service about any doubts you have.

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