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Making Goodie Boxes & Bags For a Kid’s Party

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Kids parties and events are usually loaded with hundreds of mini snacks and drinks. You’d never fail to see a fully packed table at a side, with cupcakes, cookies, doughnuts, pretzels and loads more at a kiddie’s event. Undoubtedly, it is the best part of the event, too! There’s nothing wrong with spoiling the kids, so you can give each one a share of goodies in a little package when they go home.

Paper Bags

When it’s a party, there’s surely going to be a hundred kids. Making packages for all of them could be quite a task. You’d also need to make a couple of extras just in case, because hey, you are dealing with little monsters here! So, the ideal solution would be to use paper bags for your snack packs. They are light and convenient, and easy to pack, store and distribute. If you want to keep things simple you could opt for the ordinary, plain, brown ones. But, if you fancy something a little more interesting, you may need to look a little harder. Whatever the type, its advisable that you buy your paper bags wholesale for reasonable rates, instead of having them purchased from a regular store at standard costs. Yes, costs are a concern because you’ll be needing loads, and not just a couple. You may want to look for purchasing options online, which would be a lot more convenient if you can place orders and have them delivered to your door. There’s zero risk involved because it isn’t like buying clothing or electronics where you’d need to be overly concerned about many things. So just relax and order!


If you are more concerned about maintaining an image over convenience and even cost, you can always opt for snack boxes. They are usually cardboard boxes made specially for snack packing. Some of them are two pieced with a separate lid, while some have it attached to the box which can be opened and closed, and locked – like a pizza box but more cubed. These again can be ordered in bulk for better rates. You need to make sure you order the right size, and tell the suppliers if you there is anything specific you’d want if you are having it changed or customized. Also, don’t forget to order a couple of extras – that’s a must!

Customized Boxes/Bags

What exactly are the modifications you can do? Well, in addition to changes in shape, size and paper type, you may also want to have them printed, colored or even lightly decorated if you wish. Your box/bag suppliers should be able to it for you, and since you will be ordering in bulk, you may get them at the coolest rates!

Whether your choice is going to be convenience or style, one thing you’d always remember is to place your orders beforehand. Never take a chance, especially when you are dealing with large quantities! As an event manager, you would know fully well how critical pre-planning and organizing is!

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