How To Make The Best Choice When Selecting A Secondary School For Your Child


As your child’s primary school term draws to a close, it’s not uncommon to keep hearing other parents talking about which secondary school to select. You will be wondering if co-ed or a single gender school would be appropriate, private or government and the list of considerations go on. However, by doing a bit of homework yourself on the available options, you could minimize the amount of stress in selecting a secondary school for your child. Read on for some ideas on how to keep your cool and to make the best decisions that would benefit you and your child.

It’s Never Too Early To Start:

A lot of the stress comes into play when not enough time has been taken to look around fully and make an educated and well thought out decision. So set the procrastination aside and begin your search for secondary schools in Melbourne, as early as possible. Most parents begin their search once the child has entered Year 5. However, there is nothing wrong with even starting much earlier. By starting out early in your search and making school visits you will be able to better prepare your youngster for the change of environment. In addition, you would be able to reserve a place for your child at the school of your choice. Sometimes private school enrolment can be competitive and require that parents get on a waiting list to be considered. So either way, be prepared early.

Prepare A List Of Important Details:

If sending your child to a Victoria state school is a consideration, then make sure that the school you’ve chosen falls within your own housing zone. Usually, state schools will assign children in the same residential zone. So if you happen to be interested in a school in a different zone, then you may not be able to qualify. Making a list of such details will help in singling-out options that will not work for you. Another example is if you are looking at a Catholic secondary school, then the primary school that your child currently attends should have classes that gear towards a continued Catholic education in secondary school. This would increase the likelihood of your child being accepted.

Get Your Child’s Opinion As Well:

As the decision of which school to enrol your child in will ultimately depend on them agreeing to attend, it could be useful to have their thoughts at the outset. Most children who have made lasting friendships in the primary grades, look forward to being able to meet their friends in secondary school. Some children would prefer single gender as opposed to a co-ed system, so the compromises to be made on which school should first be decided at home, between you and your child.

The following tips are just a few suggestions to get you thinking early before you begin the actual hunt for a secondary school. The actual pressure of finding a good school, which every parent subsequently discovers, is the pressure that they put on themselves.

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