Minar Pakistan incident Ayesha Akram


Minar Pakistan incident

According to Google and Tik Takri information, the girl’s name is Ayesha Akram and she is 28 years old.
And tick tock what type; Someone is dancing, someone is touching Ms. Sohail’s cheeks, Ms. Sohail’s – all this is happening in Pakistan. Ms.’s mother is angry with her and there are about 120,000 followers of Ms. Sohail on Tik Tak. –

She tells Tik Tak that she will go to Minar Pakistan so that her followers can reach Minar Pakistan before then. There is no other girl in the distance and the boys are all tick talkers and youtubers who are looking for a video that can make them viral and get some views – and according to an eyewitness, Ms. Kiss also used to do flying kisses there. Stay-

So what is the surprise if a girl with a friend wrapped her arms around her chest becomes a sign?

But what is the sign? She has gone viral, her fan following will go from 1 lakh to 2 million and this is the destination of tick talkers. For two days, no one knew what had happened. Then she reached the police station, lodged an FIR and became the highlight of the mainstream media.
It is also the duty of the parents to keep an eye on the children and see where they are going. Now the Noor Muqadam incident is also in front of everyone. Bad deeds have bad consequences. On the evening of 13th August, a video is posted that I am coming to Minar-e-Pakistan tomorrow, 14th August. The video is deleted from the account after this event
These photos and videos of the incident show a guy covering her name is Rambo. She has millions of TuckTalk followers. Comrades are already present so that the situation can be made worse and cheap fame can be obtained and everything is still going according to plan. Some men are trying to prove themselves impotent while some are cursing their training. Are
Disagreement is your right
I am not saying that our society is an ideal society
But how many women go to work every day? I come in contact with hundreds of men every day, but to this day no one has ever done such a thing. Didn’t teach you to dance among men
Is forbidden
Minar was very bad on Pakistan but the culprit is not the only young boy but the girl involved
When the command of Allah is not obeyed, then neither the eyes remain down nor the clothes up
What can you expect from the sexually frustrated savages who make and watch ridiculous videos on Tik Tak
Do not defame Islam by calling them Muslims and when a woman presents herself before these beasts she will be equally guilty.

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