How do real estate marketers turn their marketing means into a digital one with QR codes?


Since most house-hunting activities are happening online, real estate marketers are also improving their ways of marketing properties online. And with the convenience the internet can give for house hunters, the competition happening between real estate marketers tightens. 

As each of them combating for a client that is willing to buy the property they are enlisting online, the search for having a tool that conveniently allows their potential customers to extract more information about the property they are inquiring about starts. 

With different digital tools that marketers can use to effectively use to market the properties they enlist online, one technological tool that emerges as the best for maximizing their online property enlisting and turn inquiries into a successful property transfer deal is QR codes. 

This tech has been used in storing pertinent product information links for more than 26 years now and has shifted its ways to be included in simplifying other complicated functions in marketing and business operations. 

How can real estate marketers efficiently market their property listings with the use of QR codes?

Because of today’s presence of a QR code generator with logo online, real estate marketers can easily simplify their online marketing means with the properties they enlist. 

And with it, they can amplify their means of promoting the estates and homes by following these game-changing marketing strategies. 

  1. Use them as a portal for digital listings 

Real estate marketers can utilize the use of QR codes to direct property inquirers to a digital listing of all the estates that are up for sale.  

By utilizing the use of a PDF QR code to attach the digital copy of the list of properties, realtors can easily place it in ad spaces, realty magazines, and community announcement boards. 

In this way, people who are interested in buying a property can easily have a copy of the listings that they can inquire about through scanning the dedicated digital listings QR code found in prominent scanning areas. 

  1. Lead them to an online virtual video tour

As it is highly discouraged for people to travel from one destination to another due to the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is continuously facing now, realtors can integrate the use of QR codes that redirects to an online virtual video tour for people to watch when inquiring about the property.  

  1. Refer them to your real estate agency social media 

Since there are so many ways to effectively market their property, real estate agencies are also expanding their way to gather more clients and prospects. With social media as one of the online spaces people spend more of their time, realtors can also utilize the use of QR codes to refer them to their social media handles and find more tips through their posts.  

  1. Place direct scan to contact a realtor in signboards and announcement spaces

One of the issues realtors experience when promoting the properties they are selling is that most inquirers tend to forget asking their contact details and lose the chance of getting in touch with them to finalize their deal with them. 

To reinforce this issue, realtors can use QR codes that contain their agency’s contact information and place it beside their signboards and announcement spaces. In this way, people who want to inquire about the property can easily contact them by scanning the QR code. 

  1. Attach map directions to properties on sale in ad spaces

As the 2021 National Association of Realtors (NAR) report shows 31% of the total homebuyers are first-time ones, most of them tend to get lost when trying to visit the actual site before deciding on actually purchasing the property. 

And because of that, most realtors are now considering adding map directions to the property they are selling. One way for them to easily let the first-time buyers get a map of the property they will be looking for is by letting them scan a QR code and be directed to the location of the land they want to buy. 


As most marketers are now listing their products and services on online sites where people can easily search and leave an inquiry about them, real estate agencies are also adopting these online means to maximize their property inquiries and select the suitable buyer to own new property. 

And with the availability of a QR code generator online, realtors can simplify their transition towards digitalization and gather more customers offline and online by letting house-hunters scan their way in purchasing the property they want to buy.

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