Adult Learners Balance Work, Life and Educational Priorities with University of Phoenix


For adult learners, achieving a higher education can seem daunting. Those students wanting to start or finish a degree, gain additional professional development or change careers are all too often deterred by the sheer complexity of it all.

These educational dreams are often put on hold by adults who are also balancing professional and personal demands.

That’s where University of Phoenix comes in.

University of Phoenix courses and degrees are designed with adult learners in mind. The scheduling, flexibility and services the University provides let those with busy lives pursue their academic dreams. What’s more, University of Phoenix educators understand that sometimes adult learners need flexibility when it comes to starting or continuing their courses.

University of Phoenix degree and certificate programs start at regular intervals throughout the year. There are multiple options for when to take required courses and how to complete the requirements for those courses.

Faculty members are true practitioners, bringing widespread professional expertise and knowledge to their students. This practical experience gives students an insider’s view of their chosen degree fields and invaluable insights that cannot always be met by traditional academic program offerings.

Since 1976, University of Phoenix has offered students flexible degree options that meet them at the intersection of work, personal and academic life. For 25 years, the University has offered online programs with complete flexibility for students’ attendance and classwork based on their schedules.
Most University of Phoenix students consider their academic pursuits as equivalent to a second job. That’s one of the main reasons the University is uniquely designed for adult learners.

An Educational Alternative for Busy Students

Traditional colleges and universities are designed to accommodate students in their late teens and early 20s, not adult learners who need a more flexible approach to education.

Traditional academic calendars are built so that students take four or five courses at once. Classes begin and end around a semesterly or quarterly framework. Start dates are not flexible, and syllabi are built with strict deadlines for assignments, papers, quizzes, tests and projects. Courses are typically taught during the daytime, especially for associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Classes are usually held in person, and students, if they are not living on campus, need to commute, park, rush to class and then commute home multiple times a week for months at a time. Online classes are often held synchronously, requiring students to attend at the appointed time even though they are not meeting in person.

Faculty are usually theoretically minded professional academics who entered their graduate programs right after completing a bachelor’s degree. Armed with advanced degrees, these academics transition to teaching without much direct real-world experience in their subject areas.

Traditional educational structures exist in stark contrast to a University of Phoenix education. For bachelor’s degree programs, University of Phoenix classes start up to 10 times each year, giving students the choice of getting started when it works best for them. Students can take one class at a time, too, preventing academic overload.

For bachelor’s degree students, degree programs begin 18 times each year, and classes only take five or six weeks. Classes are completed in order with a cohort of classmates, but students can decide when to start their next class. There are no penalties for taking classes when it makes the most sense personally, even if that means taking a short break.

Critical Support Tools Available

University of Phoenix students have multiple resources available to help them during and after completion of coursework. Resources include:

Student Support: Available 20 hours a day, five days a week, one-on-one student support is available via phone, chat or email.
University Library: A vast collection of textbooks, journals and academic resources is available online.
Center for Mathematics Excellence: Tutors, guides and online resources help students who need a refresher on math concepts, looking to build confidence or dealing with math anxiety.
Center for Writing Excellence: This resource offers tools to help cite academic sources, fix writing mistakes, build confidence and avoid ethical writing issues.
Life Resource Center: Life coaches and counselors offer confidential and free assistance with managing stress, work and life issues, time management and change management.
Career Services for Life: University of Phoenix students and alumni can gain access to career services, support and career exploration tools beyond graduation.
Productivity Tools: The student portal includes helpful productivity tools including an email inbox, calendar, real-time chat and technical help.

For students balancing work, family, personal and other obligations, a University of Phoenix education provides an ideal structure to achieve academic goals.

About University of Phoenix
Started in 1976, University of Phoenix provides adult students with flexible options to complete associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree programs and certificates. Frequent start times for classes and courses give adult learners multiple opportunities to begin and continue academic pursuits.

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