Ideas for The Best Wedding Reception


The reception is one of the best parts of the wedding! The two newlyweds have finally signed their papers and are ready to see their guests and party. It is time for the guests to let their hair down and get on the dance floor after catching up with everyone. The nerve-wracking part of the day is over.

You do not want this part of the day to slump, so if you are looking for some ideas to throw the best wedding reception ever, you have come to the right place.

Read this piece to find out more.

Hire a Photo booth

Hiring a photographer for the whole wedding can be expensive, and while it is great to get some candid shots of your guests enjoying the wedding, a photo booth complete with props can be a brilliant way to get your family and friends together while making some fun memories that you will all get to treasure.

Some photo booths also include printouts of the photos, which can be an excellent memento to go in the wedding book with a note from your loved ones.

If you are on a budget, there are some great DIY ways to make your own photobooth, and you can easily get your hands on different kinds of props from thrift and dollar stores.

Set Up Karaoke

Karaoke is often a hit for many people who have had a couple of cocktails, so why not invite that energy into your wedding. Not only can it be hilarious, creating many memories for years to come (no matter how off key!), but everyone can join in, including children! For that extra special twist, you can hire a band that specializes in karaoke or covers, so it can feel like everyone’s big day when they get on stage (if you feel like sharing!). When it comes to bands or performances, make sure your wedding venue is set up for it. Search ‘wedding venue near me’ to see what your closest ones have to offer.

Invite Interactive Performers

Parties are great when there is entertainment, and sometimes you might want a little more than that classic wedding DJ to keep your guests occupied and dazzled.

Inviting interactive performers to your reception is sure to be a unique experience for everyone involved, and there are many avenues to choose from. Dancers, aerialists, magicians, or even mermaids could be part of your special day, depending on your venue setup. It is also something that can be magical for the children too.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Having a ‘make your own cocktail bar’ might sound like it could be chaos, but if you are having a small, intimate wedding, it can be a great way to get everyone together and have fun while still being able to speak to each other – something that is often difficult over loud thumping music.

Make sure there are also non-alcoholic versions for those who do not drink alcohol and a comfy sitting area so everyone can enjoy their creations together.

Whatever you choose, as long as there is a comfortable place where people can sit, chat, or mingle, your friends and family will most likely just be happy to be there.

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