So You’re Going To Europe? Here’s A Quick Guide On How To Pack Smart


Europe is a top destination for loads of people all over the world. Aside from its rich heritage and culture, there are also so many photographic places that are IG-worthy, turning our social media fuelled generation into a people whose greatest aspiration is to be a digital nomad. Inspired by, here are some top tips on how to pack smart when holidaying in Europe. 
Identify your essentials
Hand sanitizers are becoming commonplace in our society and neither should you leave home without one. One easy way to know what your essential pieces are is by making a list of things that you want to bring that you can’t realistically buy at your destination. For instance, you might not be opposed to picking up a kit of travel-sized skincare at the convenience store, but you will not be able to buy a camera or charger easily without blowing a hole through your budget. Another consideration is any prescriptions you may need. Some countries are stricter when it comes to pharmaceutical control.
Pack for your itinerary
When packing, always make concessions for the weather. If you’re going in summer, your wardrobe will look vastly different from your winter get up. That being said, you should check how the weather is going to be like when you’re in the area and pack accordingly. But don’t overstress on bringing everything you need because you can always buy it when you’re there, which brings us to the next point…
Always pack less and make room for shopping
If you can buy it at the destination, why waste precious packing space? Would you rather bring along a sun hat that you’ve been sporting in the pictures for your last five vacations or would you rather get a spanking brand new one from Europe? Think about how many outfits or articles of clothing you’re planning to buy and make space for it. It can be anything, ranging from a new hair curler, to a new pair of hiking boots.
Don’t let your travel hacks become travel hassles
If you’re going to use storage squares in your luggage, make sure they are transparent so that you can easily identify what is in which capsule. Leave your shower gels and bath soaps at home – you can buy them at any convenience store when you arrive at your destination if the hotel you’re staying at doesn’t provide them. In fact, leave those “travel sized” items for when you’re going hiking or camping, there’s no point for you to bring items with you that aren’t absolutely necessary.
Know what to put in your carry on
In your carry on, keep your valuables and a spare change of clothing just in case your luggage gets left behind or is lost – you’ll be surprised how often this happens. In that vein, you should have some clothing with hidden pockets. These are great when you’re going someplace that’s notorious for pickpockets or if you need to keep your hands free. In an industry that’s highly saturated with travel-related products, it won’t be hard to find a hidden body pouch or a scarf with a discreet pouch sewn into it. 
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