How To Set Up a Binance Account


Binance is undoubtedly the most reliable and trustworthy platform where a number of users can smoothly trade their desirable cryptocurrencies. It highly supports all the ordinarily traded cryptocurrencies. The exchange has also supported many services for its users to transact and earn interest using cryptocurrencies.


Are you conscious about how you can set up your own Binance account with easy and simple steps? No issues at all! If you want to know the complete method of Binance account setup, this article can surely be a piece of cake for you.


Without any further ado, let’s have a look at the most convenient and comprehensive steps of how to sign up for a new Binance account. So, let’s get started;


Set Up a Binance Account – A Step-by-Step Guide


Step # 1: Go to the website “” and then click on “Register”.


Step # 2: Click on “Mobile” and then enter your phone number along with the new password you want for your account. Read and agree to all the conditions & terms of the website. Then click on “Create Account”.



  • For the safety of your account, your new password must consist of a minimum of 8 characters, involving 1 number as well as 1 uppercase character.
  • If you have been already registered on the Binance by a referral of a friend, ensure to fill up the portion of Referral ID.


Step # 3: Complete the portion of “Security Verification”.


Step # 4: Congratulations! You have registered a new account on Binance successfully.


Step # 5: To boost the security of your account, simply click on “Go to Dashboard” to turn on the two-factor authentication, including Google verification and phone verification.


How to Login Binance account

Step # 1: Go to the Binance Website or App.


Step # 2: Click “Login”.


Step # 3: Enter your phone number or email and password.


Step # 4: If you have somehow forgotten your password, then simply click “Forgot Password”.


To log in to your Binance account, just go to the website or trading platform website. To enter or open your own account, you need to click on “Log in”. On the front or main page of the website, enter the login email and password that you have already specified while doing registration.


Then, enter the data. After that, click on the “Log in” and just get to the “Security Verification”.


After entering the correct code of verification, you can use your Binance account easily to trade.

Our Takeaway

Binance actually functions typically as a reliable online broker for a lot of cryptocurrencies. Many users deposit extensive funds to sell, trade and buy digital currencies.


The signing process of Binance is quite easy but the Binance users who work internationally will not need to show their photo ID for the verification of their account. But it will definitely demand a photo ID if you are a new trader. But don’t be worried about that! You can simply watch some comprehensive fake id videos to know how you can get an ID for easily signing up to your account.

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