How to Spy on Messages on Someone Else’s Phone through TheOneSpy


Did you know more than 18 billion messages are sent by the people around the world on every single day? Around 60 billion messages are exchanged through social networking and instant messaging apps including Facebook and WhatsApp. What the rest of the world is communicating through these messages is not of everyone’s concern. However, what your children, spouse, and employees are texting can be of great importance particularly for you. There are higher possibilities that your teen girl is receiving messages from a sex offender or your boy is being bullied by someone via instant messages or you married partner can be in an illicit relationship with someone. Meanwhile, your workers may fail to serve well to your customers or your customer care team may not be responding to the customers’ messages timely and appropriately.

There are several reasons that explain why monitoring someone else’s messages are necessary especially when that someone is your child, spouse or employees. However, not everyone would allow you to check out his/her phone and read the messages. Fortunately, there are mobile phone spy applications that are particularly designed for parents, spouses, and employers to track the messages of their concerning ones without accessing their phones. All the messages of your children, significant other and workforces, whether exchanged through default messaging app, social media apps or instant messengers, will reach your device. There is no need to frequently access your target’s phone or know his device’s passcode because all the phone data will get uploaded to your account behind closed doors.

How the Cell Phone Spy App Works?


The mobile phone spy apps such as TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring app track the text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages received and transmitted from the target cell phone. Once the app is installed on the mobile phone of your offspring, spouse or workers, it gets started instantly and initiates accessing and uploading the phone data to an online account. The account can only be operated by the end-user of the spy app and can be logged in by providing confidential username and password. Since the online account can be operated on any computer or mobile phone device, the parents, employers, and spouses can track the mobile phones and messages of their concerning ones from anywhere and anytime.

Spy on Deleted Messages


What if you could read the deleted text messages of your children, spouse or workers? The mobile phone spy app also lets you read the messages of your target deleted intentionally or accidentally. Since the mobile tracking app accesses and uploads all the messages received and sent from the target phone to online account, the messages remain available on the online account even after being deleted from the target phone.

Spy on Instant Messages and Social Media Conversations


There are a few cell phone spy apps that allow spying on the messages exchanged via social media apps and instant messengers. TheOneSpy is one of those surveillance apps that allow spying on the social media conversations with your children, spouse, and employees. It automatically tracks all messages containing text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos, and voice transmitted and received through trendy apps for communication and socializing. The spy app allows spying on the messages exchanged via Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Line, Vine, IMO, WhatsApp, Hike, Yahoo Messenger, and Zalo.

Spy on Self-Deleted Messages


Self-deleted messages have become a new trend and almost every popular and the new instant messaging app is trying to offer some type of private and hidden conversation with users. The social media apps such as Snapchat and Telegram are known for the self-destructive messages which get automatically deleted after being viewed by the recipient. These messages are promoting sexting and facilitating child predation, cyber-bullying, catfishing and scamming.

The cell phone surveillance app TheOneSpy allows spying on the self-deleted messages of Snapchat and Telegram. As your target starts using these media applications, the spy app starts capturing mobile phone screen. These screenshots let you see all the self-deleted messages and activities performed on these media apps.

To monitor all the messages of your children, spouse, and workers, all you need to do is install the cell phone spy app on their mobile phones. You can also present your kids or spouse a cell phone preinstalled with the spy app as a gift. The spy app installed on the phone will do the rest for you. It will keep you updated about each mobile phone message received and sent by your target and will show you the detail of the message sender and receiver.



Monitoring the messages of your children, significant other and workforce can help you protect your kids from the dangers in the digital world; provide clues of the infidelity of your partner; track the performance and efficiency of your workers and prevent them from data security breach.