Why should Split be on your bucket list?



A vacation is never complete without thrills, adventure, fun, and serenity. There is no other place which can offer all these better than the city of Split in Croatia. It will offer you a lifetime experience which is not available anywhere else. It is not just an ordinary place for tourists but it is home to a unique lifestyle and breathtaking sceneries. Here are 4 reasons why Split should be on your bucket list:


1). Incredible historical sites

There is nothing greater than a time well spent in a heritage center. This is the only way to travel back to a historical era and enjoy the achievements of humanity. Split is an ancient town and half of your experience in the city will be in historical sites; therefore, you are guaranteed an educative life experience. These are some of the sites you will see in the city:

Diocletian’s palace

You have never heard of a heritage center still inhabited by people, have you? Surprisingly, Diocletian’s palace is the only such place in the world. The palace is a large rectangular structure with marbles and granite walls which glow at night.

Diocletian’s Palace, Image courtesy: Carole Raddato (Flickr)


Fortress of Klis

Fortress Klis was one of the most significant fortifications in Croatia due to its strategic importance. It was a home of Croatian rulers and one of the centers of the Croatian state. Last time the Fortress was used for military purposes was during World War II. The ancient military fortress is one of the settings of the TV show ‘Game of Thrones’.

The Fortress of Klis, Image courtesy: Pixabay


2). Island Hopping

If you are an adventurous person, you will not experience any boredom in the city. This is because you can do island hopping and enjoy the diverse life in the scattered islands in the coastal region. Split is a great city for island hopping because of its central position. You can choose from beautiful island Brac known for its white pebble beach Golden Cape, island Korcula which is rumored birth home of Marco Polo or perhaps island Hvar which is the sunniest island in Europe.

Korcula, Image courtesy: Pixabay


3). Food and Wine

You need good food to complete your moments and to give you more energy to visit other places in this incredible city. There are great restaurants which offer great foods and are located in strategic places where you can enjoy the scenes as you enjoy your meal:

Zrno soli: – It overlooks the sea and gives you an opportunity to enjoy the coastal view as you enjoy your meals.

Restaurant Kardena: – It is one of the few restaurants which offer Croatian’s classic foods. It offers you a nice view of the island of Brac.

There are also great Food & Wine spots that are home to classic foods as well as international and local drinks:

Bar paradox: – It is a wine and cheese bar located few miles from Diocletian’s palace. You will find more than 100 wine labels in this bar and friendly staff who will help you to match your drink and wine.

Bar Zinfandel: – It is a place where you can enjoy both international and local wine labels. It is known for the diverse international and Croatian types of wines.


4). Great Cities near Split

Split comes with some vacation bonuses because there are great other towns which are worthy of your time. You can also spare some time to visit these nearby towns and add new vibes to your trip:

Trogir: – It is located 27 kilometers from Split and is one of the Split’s must day trips. It is a historic town and a harbor with medieval walls and tiny bridges. Because of its historic beauty and preservation, Trogir is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A day in Trogir will cover all sights and city streets, and plus you will have time to check up great beaches in Ciovo.

Trogir, Image courtesy: Pixabay

Salona was an ancient city and the capital of Roman province Dalmatia.  Salona is located in the northeastern region of Split (around 5 kilometers) situated in today’s town Solin. With its spectacular Roman ruins, it has great historical sites such as the: Roman amphitheater, Manastirine (a local name given after remains of monasteries), memorial chapel, Tusculum museum and city walls.

Salona, Image courtesy: Stefano Merli (Flickr)

The scenes are enough evidence that the city of Split should be on your bucket list of your next vacation. You can get to Split by flight or ferry from Europe and it is usually advisable to travel during summer. This is because there are more direct flights and higher frequency of ferries during this season. The airport is located in the western region of the city and you can take Split taxi which can take you to your desired destination.

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