How Make Money with Web Directories in 2018

Make Money with Web Directories


There are several ways to make money online, but only few actually work. The vision of making money is unlimited in today’s world. You need to understand, and grab the right opportunity although it sounds abrupt but it is true that you can make money through website directories.

This is one of the best ways that could help you earn money via web quickly. If you want to make money through website directories then you should know that how to make money with website directories.

Many of you might not know what is a website directory? Just like a telephone directory, a website directory contains the database of website addresses.

The directory properly categorizes the websites in different categories, and provide the required information to people using the directory. And the everyone visiting your site will be what they require easily and quickly.

Process of Making a Website Directory

The first step to create a website directory is choosing the domain name of the website directory according to the category of your web directory. You have to focus on what you want to include in your directory. You can either concentrate on a particular category or you can list everything in your directory.

You also have an option to create a directory listing stores and shops in a particular company. You need to choose a topic, which is popular, and which could help get good traffic. When you are ready with your topic, you can create your website.

Here, you need to be careful about your website design. An attractive website capable of attracting visitors will help you charge for your listings. A well-sorted website, with proper categories, listing, and design will get visitors or else it would be a waste.

Earning Factors

Several factors determine the money you earn from a website directory, and these factors are as follows:

Design: A nice and unique template attracts the visitors. Relevant and genuine information will help build the visitor’s trust in your website. Only then will someone purchase your links. Unique and attractive design does not mean something complicated. Try to keep it user-friendly and sober.

Moz Domain Authority: This is one of the most important factors, which attract the visitors. Higher domain authority

(DA) for your website means Google considers it as a trusted and good website. Moreover, DA is highly responsible to get traffic for your website. A website with DA more than 50 is considered to be a good and reputed website.

A DA greater than 50 would mean that your website has a good number of back-links, and would have a good ranking in the search engine result.

Traffic on Your Website: An advertiser will only get attracted to your website, if your website has heavy traffic. Every advertiser wants to place their ads on a website, which has many visitors. There are several other factors apart from DA and template design that will help get good traffic to your website, but these two are the most important ones.


How to Make Money with Website Directory

After reading all this information you would now be excited to know how to make money with your website directory. Advertisements and Paid Submissions, help you make money.

Earning through Paid Submissions

A Paid Submission means where a website owner pays a certain amount of money in order to get listed on your website directory.

Featured Listings: These listings are given priority, and are usually highlighted. Thus, these listings succeed in drawing the attention of the visitors. These listings thus, come at a higher price.

Regular Listing: Generally, this type of listing is either charged or is free of cost. These listings would be seen with the date of submission or as per the alphabetical order.

Reciprocal Listings: These listings are also paid or free. This is a unique type of listing where the submitter has to link back to your directory in order to get listed.

Earning through Advertisements

Advertisements can also help you earn money as follows –

Sponsor Ads: These ads are advertising spaces, where a buyer pays you to put his advertisement on your website, and whenever someone clicks on such advertisements you get paid for it. You can place these ads either on the header or side links of your web page.

Contextual Ads: You can put these types of ads on your website with the help of Google AdSense, BidVertiser or Albright.

Directory Affiliate Program: These are sponsored ads but you do not get paid for just placing these ads. These advertisements could be put up for free, and whenever you redirect a visitor from your site to client’s site you get paid for it.

Make sure that you give genuine and correct listings on your website, because you get paid for it. If not listed properly, it would damage the directory’s reputation. Your customer will get good traffic for their website if your website has good traffic, and in turn you earn good amount of money. So, earn more money by listing a large number of websites and attracting more visitors to it. The details given above about how to make money with website directories will help you for the same.