How Cat Owners Can Ensure the Return of Their Pet Deposits


Cats are often the pet of choice for people who live in apartments. Given their large size and feisty demeanor, dogs are prohibited from being kept in a sizable number of apartment buildings. Cats, on the other hand, tend to be fairly low-maintenance and laidback, making them the ideal pet for apartment dwellers. However, this isn’t to say that rambunctious kitties can’t cause their fair share of trouble. Furthermore, if your cat is found to have caused substantial damage to your apartment, you can kiss your pet deposit goodbye. Cat lovers looking for effective ways to ensure the return of their pet deposits can benefit from the following pointers.

Inform Your Landlord before Adopting

Even if you believe yourself to be in full compliance with your building’s pet policies, it behooves you to inform your landlord before adopting a cat. This illustrates a level of consideration that he or she is bound to appreciate and is likely to provide them with the impression that you’ll be a responsible cat owner. Reaching out to your landlord will also give him or her with the chance to outline their expectations regarding pets. Take care to pay close attention to what they say, as this will give you a solid understanding of your new responsibilities. Cornhusker State cat lovers in the market for cheap apartments in Omaha should carefully consider each building’s pet policies before making a decision.

Take Measures against Scratching

Scratches are arguably the most common form of damage cats cause in apartments, and since kitties are constantly beset by the desire to sharpen their claws, it isn’t hard to see why. If no toys or scratching posts are readily available, most cats won’t hesitate to sharpen their claws on walls, doors, carpeting and furniture. Fortunately, there are two simple measures you can take against scratch damage. For starters, make sure your kitty has multiple scratching posts – preferably, one in every room of the apartment. This ensures that a handy sharpening aid is available, no matter where or when your cat feels the urge to sharpen its claws. Secondly, make a point of clipping your cat’s nails at least once a month. If the kitty proves difficult or disagreeable, consider having this task performed by a professional pet groomer.

Be Meticulous About Litter Box Maintenance

As any seasoned cat owner can attest, feline waste is downright pungent, and if you’re not meticulous about keeping your kitty’s litter box clean, you can expect those smells to linger. With this in mind, make a point of scooping your cat’s litter multiple times each day and giving the litter box itself a thorough cleaning at least once a week. If your apartment is reeking of cat urine when the time comes to move out, the landlord is unlikely to return your pet deposit.

There are countless perks synonymous with cat ownership. Having a furry little friend can provide you with many hours of fun, improve your general outlook and help you adopt a calmer demeanor. However, in the absence of the proper precautions, even a seemingly innocent kitty can do some serious damage to an apartment. Cat lovers looking to protect their apartments – and their pet deposits – are urged to put the previously discussed tips to good use.

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