5 Key Things to Consider When Buying Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Special Miniature



The date is final, the reception space is booked, and now, you have to focus on the details that will make your wedding day picture-perfect. And one of the most important among them is the apparel of your bridesmaid, who will complete and complement the whole look and feel. Do you have a member who is little too old to be a flower girl, but not quite not old enough to be a full-on bridesmaid, then ask her to be a junior bridesmaid. It refers to someone between ages 9 and 14, and who assumes that she is graduated from her flower girl days.

Whether she is your cousin, friend’s daughter or someone else, this special crew member requires as much attention as the rest of the members. Selecting a bridesmaid dress for the little member is a fun part of the whole process, but you cannot treat it in the same way as others. Here are some important things that you should consider for this. Take a look.

 1. Her age: Her dress should be more youthful

There is nothing cuter than little bridesmaids standing before the crew. The mini members dressed up in gowns just looks like the little princesses. However, when you go for buying bridesmaid outfit for them, you should remember that you want her to look and feel her age too. And the ideal bet would be to opt for the junior bridesmaid dresses that are specially curated for the juniors. These gowns are specially designed for girls, so they are more colourful and won’t cause unnecessary fit issues.

 2. The length: Consider her shoes

Unlike the bridesmaid of your age, the junior members will not wear super high heels. Therefore, you have to make sure that her gown is the ideal length to go with low-height heels or bridesmaid flats. The length of the dress will probably matter much more than that of your adult bridesmaids. Junior bridesmaid dresses come in various lengths. So, you should check the length before purchasing it for the junior girl gang.

 3. Comfort level: Make it her

If you want that your youngest bridal party member feels completely comfortable when she saunters down the aisle, so you should make sure that that apparel that she will wear should speak to her personal sense of style. Like grown-up bridesmaid dresses, the dresses for the junior members should play to the personality of the wearer and the bride. To ensure it is a perfect match for the cute girl, give her a few dress options, and let her pick the ideal one.

 4. The coordination: does it have to match perfectly?

Do you want your junior members to be decked up with the hue that matches the rest of the crew or do you want her to be slightly different from others? It’s all up to you but you can go an extra mile by adding a little creativity in the entire process. Consider dressing your junior crew members in a patterned dress to coordinate with the solid color gowns of your bridesmaid or put her in a similar gown with a slightly different shade or cut.

 5. Her accessories: Tying them all together

Just because she is a junior member that does not mean that she will not get the royal treatment with the rest of the crew. Don’t forget to surprise her with the accessories that will complement the gown and allow her to join in on the fun with other girls when you are embellishing yourself. So, when you shop for little bridesmaid gowns, you also need to ensure that the complementary accessories are available for that attire or not. With this, you can make sure that she feels totally included with her own matching bridesmaid robe.

So, keep these in mind when buying the prettiest rose gold bridesmaid dresses for your special miniature.

Author Bio: James Smith, a lifestyle blogger on rose gold bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few things that you should consider when buying junior bridesmaid dresses.

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