Younique Cares about Animal Welfare


There are so many brands of makeup out there these days and it can be hard to choose which one is right for you. Finding a formula you like, colors that fit your personality, and mascara that makes your eyes really pop. And sometimes when you find the perfect makeup, you end up doing some research and finding out that this company’s brilliant shade of coral red lipstick…is tested on animals before being sold in stores.

Testing makeup on animals can seriously harm the health of rabbits, dogs, and rats. Animals used for testing makeup have makeup rubbed onto their very sensitive skin and into their eyes on a daily basis to test for a reaction. They are kept in small cages in dark rooms and aren’t allowed to do what animals want to do: feel safe, play, and be cared for.

In animals, makeup products can cause skin irritation, lung irritation, and in worst-case scenarios, death. And the worst part is that it’s more or less for nothing. We don’t know if the results of product testing on animal skin is transferable to humans. In other words, animals have different genetic makeup and can react to makeup products differently than humans.

Younique has been aware of these horrible tests for a long time, and are appalled by them. They wanted to make sure that none of their suppliers were testing their products on animals not only because they care about animal welfare, but know their customers do too.

At Younique, they want you to feel comfortable knowing that their makeup is never tested on animals. It has become part of Younique’s mission to quality check their makeup without having to cause animals to suffer.

Younique’s animal testing policy has been updated in 2021. Not only do they not test on animals but ensure that the manufacturers of the products also do not test on animals. Nowhere in their supply chain is their product tested on animals of any kind.

At Younique, they are strongly against animal cruelty which includes testing cosmetic products on animals, and wants to make sure that the manufacturers they work with align with those same ideals so you can feel confident in the ethics of their products.

Younique is committed to performing annual audits on their manufacturers to make sure that their policies don’t change, and if they do, Younique can find a different manufacturer who will adhere to their anti-cruelty policy. They perform these audits on all of their suppliers and manufacturers so they can be sure, and you can too, that no animals were harmed in the creation of Younique’s makeup.

At Younique, they want to make the world a better place. They want to uplift women and make a positive impact on our planet. Not only do they want to ensure the power and safety of women, but care that their products don’t cause any harm to animals or people.

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