Dan Snyder: Entrepreneur and Community Philanthropist


Daniel Snyder became acquainted with Washington Football when it was still the “Redskins.” Ever since he bought the team in 1999, it has been at the top of the National Football League. Because Dan Snyder was standing at the controls, this team was able to donate millions of dollars to charity and remain one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world.

Dan Snyder is known to be one of the most important philanthropists in the Washington area. After he purchased his beloved football team, he created the Washington Charitable Foundation. He hoped to encourage the area’s leaders to join him and his team in making a difference in the lives of the area’s youth. As a result, Dan and his team had a significant impact on health and wellness, education and community outreach by donating as much as $29 million.

The 2019 Season

During the 2019 season, Dan and the foundation supported the “Read Program” that promotes literacy for more than 38,000 children in the third and fourth grades. In addition to that, more than 12,000 children got to participate in the health and wellness program the foundation placed into four local schools.

The Loads of Love program is another important addition to the foundation’s charitable efforts, and in 2019, it was able to expand it. Homeless children and those living in unstable environments were having difficulties keeping their clothes clean. The foundation put laundry facilities into non-profit organizations and schools so that children without access to laundry facilities could wash their clothes. Dan thought that this would encourage children to participate in his foundation’s sports programs. Today, the foundation provides the funds to open Loads of Love laundry facilities in more than 80 non-profit agencies and schools.

The COVID-19 Pandemic

Dan Snyder helped the community as it suffered through the COVID-19 pandemic, and he partnered with the Maryland National Guard for the purpose. He offered his team’s FedExField as a testing site for the residents of Prince George’s County. He also presented a $100,000 donation to a food bank in the area that serves the needs of families struggling to make ends meet during this crisis.


The foundation also created a military appreciation club that it calls “Salute.” Dan supported military initiatives for 10 years before initiating Salute, but with Salute, he has a vehicle through which he can place these initiatives into a comprehensive platform. Salute hosts several events for the military, such as the pre-game parties that he hosts specifically for members of the military, and he also organizes several military appreciation events.

One of Dan’s greatest projects has been teaming up with the Gary Sinise Foundation to build a smart house for Capt. Luis Avila. Capt. Avila is a Washington Football fan, and he was paralyzed during his time in the United States Army.

Social Justice Issues

After George Floyd was murdered, Dan knew that he had to support the Black community. He believed that he needed to raise the country’s awareness of social justice issues, so he donated $250,000 to fund an organization that would do exactly that.

Washington Football

Dan has taken marketing his team to new levels in recent years. Since he purchased the team, he built several official team stores and placed them in the states of Maryland and Virginia. He also makes sure that there are mobile stores when the team plays home games.

In 2013, Dan and his team moved their annual training camp to Richmond, Virginia, where the team attends training sessions at the new Bon Secours Training Center. During the weeks that the team inaugurated this training center, they invited 165,000 people to watch the practices. The training center also hosted a concussion clinic for 200 high school coaches.


The team has its own stadium in Landover, Maryland, that it named “FedExField.” It currently holds 82,000 people, but Dan isn’t finished perfecting it. So far, he spent $100 million improving the facility. The stadium currently has 1,000 flat-screen television sets and high-speed escalators that take visitors to the upper decks. In 2010, Dan installed two video boards in each end zone, and these video boards are 30 feet high and 100 feet wide. This means that they are three times as large as the video displays the stadium had previously.

When Dan Snyder opened Snyder Communications, he became the youngest chief executive officer of a company on the New York Stock Exchange. He grew this company to include 12,000 employees that earned more than $1 billion in revenue every year. In 2000, a French marketing company purchased Snyder Communications for more than $2.3 billion. At that time, there hadn’t been a larger merger in the advertising/marketing industry.

Daniel Snyder lives in Potomac, Maryland, with his wife and three children.  

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