Fashion institute that leverage on EdTech learning in this COVID situation


COVID-19 created a major impact on numerous aspects of the lives of people. It even changed the way people learn things. In other words, the COVID-19 pandemic made EdTech learning the mainstream method of learning. Hence, fashion institutes located all around the world started following it, so that they could start offering knowledge to the interested people.

What is Fashion EdTech?

Fashion EdTech is the scenario where fashion institutes utilize online learning methodologies to share knowledge with interested people. It is possible for anyone in today’s world to attend a fashion school without leaving home. That’s because classes offered by fashion design institutions are available online. This delivers a perfect learning experience to any student. In fact, the process of following an online fashion designing course is relatively easy. This will also make fashion education highly accessible for individuals who are keen to grab knowledge.

Almost all fashion design institutions are now offering online courses. That’s mainly because fashion designing is a subject, which can effectively be taught online. Students who take part in these courses will be able to proceed with gathering knowledge without encountering any major challenges. Thousands of students are currently enrolling in these courses as well. it is true that these students will never get an opportunity to interact with an educator in person. However, it will not keep them away from gathering knowledge in an effective manner. It will be possible for all of them to proceed with gathering knowledge in the most effective way.

Online interactions that a student can do along with the educators in a fashion institute can be interactive. It can also deliver a personalized learning experience. Hence, it is not possible to assume that online learning of fashion design is ineffective. It delivers an effective learning experience with numerous other benefits, such as the ability to follow the course from anywhere, at any given time. Therefore, learners are not bound to any restrictions, which would keep them away from getting a perfect learning experience.

Why do fashion institutes focus on offering online courses?

Numerous reasons are tempting the fashion institutions located around the world to offer online courses to the students who are in need of them. Online learning was there before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, people started paying attention to it along with the social distancing measures implemented along with the pandemic. During this time, the EdTech companies came forward and delivered the technologies needed by fashion design institutions to continue with their courses. Along with that, the fashion institutes were able to figure out all the key benefits that come along with delivering courses online. Hence, they started creating online fashion designing courses.

One of the most important benefits that a fashion institute can experience through the delivery of online courses would be to attract more students. When offering traditional courses, a fashion institution will only be able to make the courses available to students who come from a specific geographical region. It is possible to overcome this struggle with online learning. That’s because it is possible to make content accessible to students who come from different parts of the world. This can help a fashion institute to thrive.

An online fashion designing course will benefit students who take part in them. Apart from the obvious benefits of following the course in the comfort of home, it is possible for them to get exposed to interactive media. On top of that, the students can easily gain access to targeted online lessons. This will increase the effectiveness of the learning experience that students can get.

Following a course offered by a fashion design institution is considered something expensive in today’s world. However, we can expect to see a reduction in the expenses of following a course since the courses are shifting online. That’s mainly because there’s a possibility for a fashion institute to reduce numerous operational overheads. For example, there is no need to rent a building and provide space for the students to come and follow the course. Since the students are following the course online, it is possible to refrain from renting a building or hiring staff to manage it. This cost-benefit will be passed directly to the students who continue with learning. Hence, following a course on fashion designing would become something affordable for students in the future.

The flexible learning schedule offered with online learning can also attract more people to follow fashion designing courses. Most of the people in today’s world don’t prefer to follow courses because they are having tight schedules. Even if the courses are available during weekends, they don’t want to compromise their rest day for learning something. This inconvenience is eliminated with online learning. That’s because it makes fashion design learning more accessible. It is possible to follow the course with a flexible schedule and get the best learning experience. There is no need to worry too much about missing lessons. That’s because the recording will be available for a student to follow and catch up.

The role played by augmented reality and virtual reality

Along with EdTech, numerous other technologies are offering assistance for the students and educators to enhance the quality of education. Virtual reality and augmented reality are perfect examples of such technologies. These technologies can deliver amazing results at the time of offering fashion designing courses. That’s because students can be provided with an interactive 3D learning environment. This will provide an opportunity for any student to explore the concepts at his own pace and go through a better learning experience.

It is a well-known fact that VR is highly effective at the time of enhancing learning experiences. It can also contribute a lot towards boosting engagement. That’s because students will be allowed to interact with learning materials directly. There are challenges associated with delivering fashion design courses with the help of AR/VR technologies. For example, it is essential to use appropriate tools to deliver the learning experiences. On the other hand, it is also essential for the students to be equipped with high-end smartphones to get this learning experience. However, the cost associated with these technologies is dropping significantly, which is helping the students to access them without facing any struggles. We will be able to see how online fashion designing courses will be empowered with AR/VR technologies.

Interactive learning experiences offered with gamification

One of the most prominent trends that we can see in EdTech as of now is gamification. The main objective of gamifying learning experiences is to deliver content to the learners in the most effective manner. This is a proven method available to increase the motivation levels of the learners. While improving motivation, it can also deliver amazing results by enhancing the engagement of the learners. In order to do that, it is possible to incorporate numerous game design elements into the learning process. Some perfect examples for such game elements include levels, badges, problem-solving, and points. This is a highly effective learning method available for a fashion institute to consider and incorporate with the existing online learning experiences.

It is possible for a fashion institute to go ahead and design the course in the form of a game. Delivering this kind of course to students will not be a challenge due to the advancements in technologies. Investment done in the development of such a game can deliver amazing results. That’s because it will encourage the students to pay more attention to course content. On the other hand, students will be able to proceed with completing the different milestones of learning.

One of the biggest challenges associated with online learning is a lack of motivation. Gamification of course content is a great solution available to address this. That’s because gamification has the ability to deliver a higher level of student engagement. This will eventually help the students to retain knowledge that they get out of an online fashion designing course in an effective manner.

Another great thing about the gamification of learning experiences is that it can deliver instant feedback for the students. This is facilitated through dashboards and leaderboards. Students can easily figure out how they rank among peers. This will create a great environment to promote healthy competition among different students. Hence, all the students will be able to get the maximum out of the online fashion designing course that they follow.

Future of EdTech in fashion designing

Similar to other areas of learning, we can assume that the future of fashion design learning would also be based on online learning. That’s because online learning has proven to be effective for both fashion design institutions and the students who follow the courses. It is true that online learning is associated with benefits and drawbacks. Since it is shifting to the mainstream method of learning, we can expect to see a reduction in the drawbacks. This will eventually deliver favourable constitutions for the fashion institutions and the students who are making plans to follow the courses.

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