What Happens When A Liquid Substance Is Spilled Over Your iPhone?


It is disheartening to see a liquid substance spill over an iPhone and cause internal and external damage to your device. There are various ways in which your iPhone can be damaged from liquid. These factors are beyond our control. The good news is that getting quality services for your iPhone repair is under your control. You can either visit the apple repair station but they do charge a lot. Hence, it is ideal to go to a local iPhone repair shop that has well experienced technicians who can help you with your iphone repairing by addressing the issue and providing the right solution. T In this article, we will get into what happens when your iphone is damaged due to any kind of liquids. Read below to understand the issues that can be caused in your iPhone and how iPhone repair shops can help you in regaining the condition of your device.

The iPhone won’t turn on

The first thing you will see is that your iPhone doesn’t turn on because the liquid has already caused damage to it. There are two possible reasons for this; Either the iPhone has short-circuited or the water has corroded the internal components and damaged the circuitry.

The iPhone won’t charge

The charging port may or may not damage after you by mistake dropped the device in water. There are high chances that the liquid might have damaged the charging socket. A charging socket is compiled using a lot of exposed electrical components. The socket might also have corroded a lot.

The iPhone screen will reflect damage

The liquid substance can damage the exterior which can ruin the outlook of your iPhone. If you see some dark spots or lines under the glass then it might become complicated for you to use the phone and even difficult to even figure out whether it is going to be permanent or not. This problem doesn’t guarantee that circuitry under the water-damaged screen will corrode over time or stop working.

The iPhone speaker might be damaged

Just like the liquid enters the charging socket and doesn’t allow the phone to charge, similarly, it can enter inside the speaker and damage the sound as well that doesn’t allow the person to listen or talk. It is hard to decode this problem because this damage cannot be detected physically, so you should check whether the audio is playing or not. If it doesn’t then the liquid has damaged your speaker

These are the common problems that an iPhone user faces when their iPhone is damaged due to liquid substances. If you are lucky enough and the phone turns on even after the water problem, then the first thing to do before going to a technician is back up the data stored inside.

What to consider before giving your iPhone for repair?

  • Check whether the service store or a technician you have shortlisted provides quality services and a warranty for your iPhone.
  • Read about them and their services online through other customer reviews.
  • Explain the situation to the technician precisely so that he can understand what the problem could be inside your phone and what an effective solution is for that.

Unintentional iPhone damage is not a problem, but not contacting the right technician or an expert iPhone repair company is. An expert technician analyses your problem clearly and repairs your iPhone with care and ensures quality service to you. So, if you are looking for a company like this iPhonerepairing is here at your service.

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