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In order to take care of consumers with different budgets. A notebook computer often has submodels with different configurations. Is it necessary for us to pursue a high-quality version in one step? To answer this question, we need to first understand the differences between high and low computers. At the same time, we need to consider “light and thin” and “game” respectively. Different types of notebook computers may have different answers. 

Light and thin type: lightweight, small volume, mostly using low-voltage processors. If you travel frequently or are sensitive to volume and weight. It is recommended to buy a light and thin model. This type has average performance, but it is sufficient to cope with daily use for several years. 

Game type: The weight is more than 2 kg and the volume is large. If you are a game player but need a mobile computer, you can buy this. The performance of the game type is relatively high. Due to the high hardware requirements of the game, these products will feature with a strong heat dissipation system. 

In addition, there is another group of people who suggest buying game types. That is, consumers who are engaged in digital media production but have a small budget. In general, models for creative fields are expensive. The game model can provide sufficient performance, but the price is lower. 

There are two types of omnipotent types: 

  1. Large size models such as Lenovo Xiaoxin 15 and HONOR MagicBook Pro. It can be understood that the light and thin type may be slightly better in performance. BUt the portability cannot catch up with the light and thin type. And the performance cannot catch up with the game type, about 2 kg. 
  2. Products such as 16-inch Mac Book Pro and Dell XPS 15 features with high-performance hardware. Heat dissipation systems are designed for short-term performance bursts. Products developed for qualified creative design are about 2 kg. 

There are mainly two CPUs, Intel and AMD. In addition to products based on Qualcomm platforms such as Surface Pro X. Computers with ARM processors are not yet popular, so we will not discuss them. AMD mobile processors have only begun to be popularized on a large scale in recent years. So it is only necessary to remember a few models. 

Addition to the key hardware of processor, memory, hard disk and graphics card. There may be some differences between different configuration versions of a computer. Such as in the design of heat dissipation, screen, interface and expansion capability. Many of them may be more practical than simple performance improvement. 

For users with sufficient budgets, one step is naturally the easiest choice. But for the vast majority of ordinary consumers, every penny needs to be used in practical places. It is difficult to choose between the high and low versions of a certain model. So consumers may as well compare them first-what is the difference between them. 

If you buy notebook computers in Europe such as the UK. The price of notebook computers is not cheap. So you can pay more attention to promotion days such as Black Friday. Seeing how hard your favorite laptop for sale in UK


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