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Nalapad Ahmed Haris is the father of Mohammad Haris NalapadHe is one of the Indian businessmen and politicians of the Indian National Congress and also a member of the Karnataka Legislative assembly from the Shanthinagar constituency. He won the seat by nineteen thousand votes in 2013 the Karnataka legislative election. He is also working as the chairman of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation.

Mohammad Haris Nalapad as a businessman:

  • Mohammad Haris Nalapad is one of the businessmen and youth congress leaders. More involved in politics and social work.
  • He is considered a good businessman. He was helped his father in the diversifying of the business interest of the Nalapad group into InfoTech and energy. When it comes to his personal life he is always behaving like a rowdy.
  • Haris has made a conglomerate in their business and the Mohammad Nalapad is helped in making the inroads into the many new businesses. He is particularly developed in the Nalapad InfoTech and Nalapad pipes into a profit-making business.
  • In addition, he is also taking care of the Hotel Bangalore International.
  • He is 26 years old and was born in Bangalore. His religion is Islam and his educational qualification is graduate.

What are the features of the Nalapad academy?

The features are given by,

  • Centrally located
  • Apple smart classrooms
  • Co-curricular academics
  • Well balanced meal
  • State of the art swimming pool
  • World-class turf
  • International curriculum
  • Infirmary and health care center

These are the important features of the nalapad academy.

What are the achievements of Mohammad Haris Nalapad? 

Nalapad is a true visionary, versatility, passion and vitality are infectious.

  • The highest record in the history in rain was in 2017 at Bangalore. In Shanti Nagar there are five slums and peoples are living in difficult conditions due to the heavy rain. In the slums, there was continuously raining for five days. The peoples are needed to clear the water from their homes. In this situation, we are not only helping to drain out the water and offering food, and also we are staying with the peoples.
  • On world disabled day Nalapad had over fifty disabled kids and seven teams from the NA Haris Foundation soccer night. They also give them jerseys. Nalapad doesn’t like to call them disabled persons. Instead of this, he likes to call a differently-abled person and they also need recognition in society.
  • He also hosted the International women’s day in 2017. In that function, we are honoring women from different genres and gave them awards. It is one of the encouragements for the entrepreneur women, businesswomen, especially talented women, and housewives. The highlight of this function is lady metro drivers are also honored.
  • Apart from promoting football and honoring young talents at the Karnataka state Nalapad also working for the Santosh trophy which is one of the prestigious tournaments.
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