Best Life Hacks To Become More Productive


We all often lack the productivity and motivation to accomplish an important task. Often we deliberately delay the performance of a task simply because we do not want to do it. As a result, our efficiency and productivity are reduced. What can we do to change this situation and achieve more?

Nowadays, overloading your brain with information is as simple as getting a heat stroke in the desert. It may seem ridiculous but even symptoms are similar: sleep disturbances, distracted attention, and slow reaction. People are constantly looking for news, even though they surround us everywhere in any case. What you can do about all this is to think about whether all the emails, blogs, newspapers, and promotional newsletters that you read are really so important to you. One of the ways to increase effectiveness at work is to unsubscribe from all newsletters and emails you no longer need to receive. Try to get as little information as possible that you don’t need at least for a week and see how it affects your productivity.

Ask any successful person when he or she wakes up, and you will most likely hear that person get up early. It’s easy: there aren’t many distractions in the morning, so we can focus on priority things.

Remember that there is time to rest and there is time to work. Draw clear boundaries between these two things. Stop doing things as soon as you feel you need to rest.

Many people create to-do lists, this makes the workflow more organized. Of course, in the 21st century, we have moved away from writing future cases on paper, for this we have smartphones and computers. Try to follow one simple rule: spend five minutes each morning writing down the three most important tasks of the day. And then focus all your efforts on this short list. This is a great alternative to those infinitely long to-do lists that we usually like to compile. Sometimes these lists are so huge that we won’t even complete them in a week. Focus on three main tasks of the day, and if you manage to complete them ahead of time, you can do something else.

Don’t forget about prioritization. First of all, perform important tasks and then move on to low-priority ones. Do not overload yourself with a lot of tasks: it is better to do less, but with quality and pleasure, the more, but without enthusiasm.

Multitasking doesn’t make us more productive at all. It is a myth. In fact, when we try to focus on many tasks at once, it negatively affects our productivity and concentration. Even if you think that you have adapted to work in multitasking mode, your productivity will be much lower than if you decide to focus on doing one thing at a time. Of course, it is possible to perform several tasks effectively at the same time, but only in some special cases. For example, when you do something automatically, such as walking and talking at the same time. Or if you are preparing a presentation and need to communicate with your colleague about another project, don’t write long letters, you can simply send a voice message using one of the voice messaging apps currently available on the market. However, in general, if you want to perform tasks more productively, it is better to focus on one task, perform it from beginning to end and only then move on to others.

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