Brian Ladin: Providing the Blueprint for Those to Follow      


When Brian Ladin first started out in 2008, he had his eyes set on the maritime industry. Acquiring a number of shipping vessels was his top priority and one he went and accomplished with gusto. Continuing to improve within his own company, Delos Shipping, Ladin continued to approach every obstacle with determination. Now, Delos Shipping has become a force to be reckoned with. While people entrepreneurs would consider this a stellar accomplishment, Ladin is aware of both his and his company’s capabilities. 

Within the shipping industry, your arsenal of vessels is a crucial asset to your business, especially in the industry of vessel leasing. “We started out with zero ships and by the end of 2016, we had around 58 vessels to our name.” Ladin states in 2016. In its first several years of business, Delos Shipping had accumulated a number of vessels that someone couldn’t obtain in ten years. Having had the experience negotiating investment deals, Ladin was no stranger to tough deals and hard work. During Delos Shipping’s first couple years, Ladin used his skills to his disposal, which accumulated into a number of impressive feats. While Delos Shipping eventually sold their assets, this inspired Ladin to turn lemon into lemonade.

Inventory aside, Ladin was able to channel his past experience back and use it to his advantage. Having gone through the hard work and never one to back down from a challenge, Ladin began a new chapter of his company. Prior to his work in shipping, Ladin worked intensively in the world of banking. Having gone from business to business, Ladin familiarized himself with the art of the deal. Capitalizing on what the years of being in the banking industry had taught him, Ladin discovered a way to successfully translate the work he did for his banking clients to the ones he encountered in his shipping position.

Recognizing what clients needed, Ladin was able to offer a service that few provided. While the competition in the shipping world was fierce, Ladin was armed with experience that few had. Realizing that there was a market not only for shipping assets, but a need for education in regards to the industry; Ladin quickly went into production to find a way to fill in the gaps. 

Marine Finance Company, recently started by Delos Shipping, allowed Ladin to focus on eco-friendly vessels. By expanding, Marine Finance Company will focus on structuring long term sale-leasebacks on tankers, dry bulk vessels, container vessels, cruise ships and offshore support vessels. Marine Finance Company sees a multi-billion dollar opportunity in financing eco-friendly vessels over the next ten years.


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