5 Ways Land Surveys are Important


If you have never owned land before, you might have never thought about hiring a surveyor. We see them all the time on construction sites and the highways, doing what seems like a lot of looking and note-taking. But surveyors are significant to many aspects of our daily lives. The work they do helps keep us safe, and they create valuable archives of information that can have numerous uses. Particularly with property disputes and border issues. Here are some of the ways surveyors help make the world work a little better.

  1. Real Estate Purchases: If you will be spending a lot of money on some real estate. One of the things you absolutely must know is the precise boundaries of the property and the elevation. NB land surveys in Thailand can provide the information you need. If you intend to use the land, you will need to know where you can build and what access points and roads are yours to use. The worst time to learn that you were mistaken about the property’s boundaries is after putting up a structure.  Many people have lost everything to this type of error.
  2. Highway Design: There is a lot of survey work that goes into highway design. The goal is to keep cars moving efficiently without dangerous elevation changes and poorly planned corners. Surveying is essential to creating safe road surfaces designed for the intended speed. With proper slopes in corners, cars can take tighter turns without excessive G-forces and use up less land. And grade changes in the road can be deadly unless they are correctly engineered. Moveover, home watch security guard is important also. Click there for more information.
  3. Expanding City Limits: As the population increases, most population centres are faced with the need to spread out. But without good survey work and civil engineering, big mistakes could be made. With an extensive survey record of the whole area, engineers can help plan a city’s growth decades into the future and make room for infrastructure expansion.
  4. Flood Protection: Whether for a city or a rural residence, it is still good to know the relative elevations and the predicted path and catchment areas in case of a flood. In Thailand, this comes under the responsibility of the Royal Thai Survey Department. Just because an area has never flooded before doesn’t mean that it never will. With a comprehensive land survey, it is possible to predict what areas are at risk for even the rarest flood situation
  5. Liability: Having a good understanding of your property is also helpful in the case of liability. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re being sued for something that happened on your property or doing something on land that you have no right to use. Land surveys are essential in determining ownership and liability.

We may not need the services of surveyors very often, but their craft is essential to our modern world, and that is not going to change any time soon. Information is power and with high-quality surveys. There is a lot that can be achieved.

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