10 steps to successful international exhibition management


To be an exhibitor asks for significant industrial expertise and a visionary approach to manage everything from a wider perspective. However, when planning an international exhibition, things may get more challenging and different from the usual. Familiarity of the local language to the event norms, you need being in your toes all the time.

With exhibition management in Dubai, you’re likely to meet people belonging to diverse cultures, speaking various languages that eventually lay a direct impact on the entire procedure. While contacting the best exhibition stand organiser is one thing, it isn’t the only to worry about.

There’re times when you’re exclusive show stopper at the exhibition but playing the game on international level is entirely different. Not a piece of cake as international exhibitions come with a new set of challenge and participation requires understanding of the particulars.

If your industry is exhibition management in Dubai, here’re a few steps to ace international event smoothly.

  1. All foreign events and exhibitions calls for sufficient planning and efficient time management so come prepare for it.
  2. Conduct a thorough research before taking on the exhibition. This is important as rules and regulations vary from a state to another so you don’t want anything to get insulting or offensive.
  3. Learn all about the country where exhibition is being planned. Probe on the culture, cities, people, local greetings and more.
  4. There may be a few words offensive in a foreign culture whereas not in yours so it’s better getting familiar for effective interaction, maximum audience engagement and overall success of the exhibition.
  5. Not just spoken but written language is important as writing style and phrases differ per country. If your line is exhibition management in Dubai, better learn to write in different styles such as the UK, the USA and many others that’ll come in handy when drafting invites for the event.
  6. Hosting an international event can be costly as compared to your home country so better organise the entire thing in defined budget thus avoiding last-minute hassle.

For instance, a typical and likewise event if costing $10,000 in the UK would mount to $20,000 or even more which makes a huge difference.

For a stress-free exhibition, keep extra cash in hand for untimely, unavoidable and unexpected expenses.

  1. There’re some countries that don’t accept cash payment to host and organise event expos so always carry cheque book and credit card instead of just paper currency.
  2. If your international shipping involves bulky equipment and props for instance, shipment expenses are likely to be far costlier so plan accordingly.
  3. Hiring local persons as booth staff is preferred since locals are well-versed with the language, culture and norms. It’ll streamline the process right from the start while retaining maximum audience due to expertise in the local market.
  4. All promotional material be it print or digital must be produced in local language which is something exhibition management in Dubai excels at.


Exhibition is a huge playground and to make yourself stand apart from the rest requires incorporating the tips as defined above.

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