St. Lucia CIP: 4 unusually enticing things to enjoy


There’re times when you just want to doze on a beach chair and sip daiquiri with a bent straw which is very much possible anywhere in the Caribbean. However, for those seeking a less predictable and unique vacation experience, St. Lucia is the place with its green and emerald shade surrounded by silver beaches. If you’ve St. Lucia CIP, are an intrepid traveller, off the beaten wanderer or a simple solo traveller, here’re a few tips to enjoy best.

  1. Try dozing in a tree house & ditch the cookie cutter

You don’t need climbing a ladder when going to bed as there’s a delightful and eclectic collection of villages as well as cosy cottages for a change. Built perfectly onto the hillside and overseeing the spectacular Soufriere; the southern town, every time you’ll wake to the wonderful sight if shiny papaya trees and coconut palms just outside the window.

You can easily access the tree huts by taking the dirt road which is surrounded by lavish jungle so don’t expect the typical lavish resort. Festooned neatly with bamboo, orange and magenta silks, cottages come with their private pool for you to plunge in.

  1. Bike through the jungle

You might’ve mountain biked before but how about a rainforest on a volcano side! This is something you can enjoy best with a St. Lucia CIP as biking through a series of challenging trails cut right amidst the dense forest require experience and agility. It’s a chance to leap the tree roots, skim across the sun-drenched clearings, jump off the volcanic rock ledges and finish the day exhausted yet motivated.

  1. Take home a remarkable souvenir

There’re many shops where you can buy the usual t-shirts, straw dolls, batiks and much more but how about something different for a souvenir! There’s a white cottage nestled quietly in the looming shadow of the Petit Piton volcano where you can find hardwood masks painted brilliantly by local artisans. Each shade represents culture and colours of the Caribbean such as lime green, indigo like a sea at night time, orange and more. This is yet another thing you’ll be impressed with St. Lucia CIP!

  1. Swim with the wild at less-known beaches

The Cas En Bas beach boasts a perfect and smooth c-curve of pure silver sand right on the Atlantic side of St. Lucia. Due to remote location and wilderness, visitors are fewer so this is a place where you can actually enjoy the wild and discover yourself in the serenity.

The waves are bigger so if you’re a keen kite-surfer, the spot provides the perfect opportunity to do your gig. Don’t forget bringing your own snacks and sunscreen.

The mangrove swamp right adjacent to the spot attracts many different breeds of tropical sea birds so do bring a camera and a pair of binoculars to capture the nature at its best.


The above things can be enjoyed best with St. Lucia CIP promising a unique and enticing experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

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