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Pros & Cons of Wifi Mannequins

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In past few years the technology has changed our lives in different ways. You can see the involvement of technology and digitization in almost every field of our lives. Technology has also changed the way of shopping. Now a days shops are adopting more and more technological methods of buying and selling. Ecommerce and online stores are a good example of it. Not in terms of online selling but also in store selling has also been affected by this change.

You can take a clothing store as an example. In past days the purchasing and selling at any fashion store was quite simple and traditional. The customers used to visit store and there they can have a look on different clothing and fashion related products being displayed on mannequins and other display fixtures. In these days these mannequins, dress forms and other display fixtures are wifi enabled and are synchronized with different computer hardware which are used to facilitate the customer by providing him relevant information about the product on any synchronized device.

These mannequins are being called in market as talking mannequins. These display sets come with wifi feature. The wifi is installed in a beacon which is fixed inside mannequin body. The beacon spreads wifi signals and whenever a customer comes in range of those signals he receives a message alert on his smartphone. The massage carries the information related to product which is being displayed on the mannequin. Only those customers receive this message on their smartphones who have any beacon app installed on their device. Here are few pros and cons of using talking mannequins.


  • Attention Grabber: Talking mannequins can work as a great attention grabber for your customer. Mostly store owners invest several thousand dollars to make their store look appealing. however the talking mannequin alone can help you to achieve this goal by sending a message to customer’s smart phone. Whenever a customer receives the message on his phone, he definitely gets engaged by the mannequin and the product being displayed on it.
  • These mannequins can also help you to boost shopping speed at your store. By talking mannequins customer can have all the information about the product instantly on his phone. This can save him or her from the hassle of asking price of each product from shop employee one by one.
  • Talking mannequins can also help you to leave an impressive impression on customer’s mind. Whenever a customer receives all the detail of any product right on his phone without asking a single question, it leaves a great impressive impression on customers mind.


These display fixtures are although fantastic and perfect for any clothing store, however they still come with some drawbacks.

The main disadvantage of talking mannequins is that they are costly. To install a complete wifi enabled system for your talking mannequins collection can cost you several thousands dollars.

These mannequins and dress forms need extra skills and hassle for maintenance. You will have to configure you mannequin again and again whenever you will display a new item on this display set.

These are few disadvantages of using talking mannequins at any fashion store. However these are still perfect display sets for any clothing store. You can also consider them a next step to future shopping.


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