Why is a Safety Wear Essential to Working On-Site


Everyone’s safety is the number one concern when it comes to the construction and engineering industry. The risks and dangers involved in this line of work are preventable with the implementation of proper protocols. That is why hard hats, safety suits and blue steelwork boots are required before entering a construction area.

Accidents can happen during construction. Even if you are following safety protocols and are very cautious, there are still factors beyond your control. These factors can cause accidents.

What are the possible dangers of not wearing safety gear?

Various injuries and accidents can occur on a construction site. The most common ones that happen are cuts and abrasions. The worst cases are deaths and lifetime disabilities.

Unfortunately, foot injuries are commonly underestimated by all workers, thinking it’s not that serious. However, foot injuries can be prevented by wearing blue steelwork boots. Here are some preventable foot injuries in varying degrees:

Mild to Moderate Injuries 

  • Burns due to chemical spills and splashes

In factories that produce industrial products, there are chemicals that are harmful when they come in contact with your skin. Your feet become vulnerable if you are not wearing the proper footwear. Steel boots prevent the possibility of severe burns and getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

  • Cuts, lacerations, and puncture wounds

It is a common scenario on construction sites that several scrap metals, nails, and staples are left lying around the place. And if you don’t look at where you are stepping on, you might get injured by a rusty nail that can cause tetanus if not treated properly. Early symptoms of tetanus are diarrhea, fever, and headache.  

Severe Injuries 

  • Broken bones and fractures

The feet are very sensitive to shock and force – that’s why you need to equip yourself with proper footwear to prevent fractures. Remember, foot injuries shouldn’t be overlooked because it is the body’s main part for mobility. So if you fracture your foot, how will you continue working?

  • Electric shocks

It is also common for several industrial working stations to have electric-powered machinery. Knowing how chaotic working in a construction site is, wirings might not be updated from time to time. Studies have shown that protective shoes are an effective way to prevent severe injuries from electric shock. 

Aside from these listed possible dangers, there are still more things that you wouldn’t imagine happening. And regardless of it being impossible, you should still do everything that you can to protect yourself. It would also be best to consider buying top-quality protective gear to be assured of your safety.

Work with happy feet. 

As mentioned earlier, the feet are the body’s means of mobility. It enables you to work freely and move around. In return, you should also ensure your feet’ safety. Investing in protection is not bad and would never be a bad thing. Many people see protective gears as unnecessary and just a waste of money, but you should know that every job has its own set of dangers – and every workplace has its own set of protection and safety protocols as well to prevent accidents from happening.

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