Why You Need To Strike A Balance Between Exercising And Relaxing Your Muscles


In life, everything requires a balance not to overdo something and undo all the positive impacts, and exercise is no different. Although exercising is good, it is crucial to understand how to balance exercising and letting your body rest and rejuvenate.

When you give your muscles time to relax after intense training, it ensures that they are strong enough when you resume your workout. It also gives you the chance to seek help if you are injured or suffer from muscle tension. Here are the benefits of striking a balance between achieving a safe and healthy exercise and a resting routine.

1.    Prevents Muscle Fatigue

Exercising is good because you build and strengthen your muscles; however, continuous exercise can lead to muscle fatigue which is not a pleasant experience. Ensure you plan your schedule well to have days where you exercise and other days that you take a break and rest your muscles. Sports Massage Singapore can help you relax your exhausted muscles and joints.

2.    Improved Performance

Exercising is tiring, and it drains your energy, and thus you may be incapable of doing your normal activities. Resting rejuvenates your body and muscles and thus improves your performance not just in the field but also in your daily activities.

3.    Reduces Risk of Injuries

Safe exercising is the goal. You are more exposed to the risk of being injured during an exercising session when your muscles are sore and painful. Therefore, by rest, you give your muscles time to relax and thus reduce the risk of being injured when you resume exercises.

At times you may find it challenging to balance between exercising and resting. If this happens, reach out to a physiotherapy professional for a customized exercising and resting plan that considers your health issue and other needs.

4.    Supports Healthy Sleep

Work out leads to releasing energy-boosting hormones like Cortisol and adrenaline that make you full of energy and strength to work out and push yourself. However, if these hormones are in excess in your system, you will have trouble falling asleep.

Resting gives your body system time to get rid of these hormones so that you can sleep better and thus give your body and brain time to rest. Proper sleep means that your muscles relax well, and so when you return to exercising, you will be more energetic and more vigorous.


Exercising your muscles makes you stronger and more active due to releasing energy-boosting hormones into your bloodstream. However, these same hormones will work against you when you want to sleep.

That is why you need to strike a balance and create a schedule that incorporates workout and resting days. Once you push your body for a few days, take a day or two to rest and do simple exercises such as walking. By doing so, you are giving your muscles time to rest, and thus when you return to your intense exercising, you will be stronger, therefore, perform better.

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