Introduce Digital Workspaces With in Your Company with a Suitable VDI Desktop Solution


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the technology companies adopt to create, host and manage specific desktop applications on their remote centralized servers. The technology sub-divides the servers into numerous segments, which run multiple virtual desktop applications and operating systems within a data center.  The hosting of these desktop solutions and operating systems are done on virtual machines. The companies implement a suitable management software solution to monitor these virtual machines.  This enables their employees to access the applications from any location outside an office environment. It implies they can work on various desktop applications and operating systems, even from their homes.

How does a VDI desktop work?

In a VDI desktop, a software solution called a ‘hypervisor’ divides the remote physical servers into a number of segments. Each of these segments is individually known as a virtual machine and is capable of hosting the necessary desktop applications.  End-users can then access the desktop solutions and operating systems by logging on to a connection broker. This specific software-based gateway functions as an intermediary to facilitate seamless data connectivity between end-users and the servers. The VDI desktop deployment models which companies implement for their businesses fall into the following categories:

  • Persistent VDI

In this VDI deployment model, the virtual machines retain any changes in the applications’ configurations and data between the end-user sessions. The desktop applications will retain these changes whenever they log in. This implies the end-users log into the same desktop image whenever they access the applications. They can then maintain their own personalized Windows settings and information.

  • Non-persistent VDI

In the case of non-persistent VDI deployment, end-users cannot save the data content and Windows settings at the end of each session. The virtual desktop applications will automatically revert back to their original configuration whenever they log out of the system. Fortunately, they can save, sort, and retrieve vital data on the applications by transferring it to personal drives.

How does a VDI desktop facilitate the implementation of digital workspaces?

Companies are now implementing digital workspaces within the businesses to boost internal productivity. To achieve this objective, their employees need secure and seamless access to numerous virtual software applications. A reliable and cost-effective VDI desktop solution can facilitate the scaling of key software applications and necessary services to remote teams. The VDI desktop ensures the delivery of a consistent user experience across a multitude of end-user devices. These include desktop personal computers (PCs), laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This acts as a catalyst in streamlining workflow within corporate enterprises. Moreover, the VDI desktop’s centralization features can be instrumental in formulating multi-layer cyber-security strategies to protect the companies’ sensitive data.

A suitable VDI desktop infrastructure can enable companies to automate their businesses in order to take commercial operations to the next level. The system enhances user mobility and remote accessibility to a wide range of applications for their employees. This helps to improve enterprises’ overall internal efficiency. However, there are certain factors that corporations need to consider when implementing the infrastructure. The system they choose should be scalable, easy to operate, and have advanced cyber-security features. Above all, it should be cost-effective to install and operate for the company too.

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