Why it’s time to switch from oil to LPG


As climate change continues to dominate our lives, many of us are now making changes to help reduce our environmental impact. From the transport we use to get to work, to the way we shop for groceries, introducing more eco-friendly ways of living has never been more prevalent.

But for many living rurally, off the mains gas grid, taking care of the environment has always been a top priority, which is why many are now assessing the impact of their energy supply. This has sparked a movement away from traditional, carbon-heavy fossil fuels like oil, to cleaner, greener alternatives that can also save them money.

The government is applying pressure too. Initiatives such as the UK’s ‘Net Zero’ target and ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ demonstrate just how serious it is about reducing carbon emissions and improving our air quality. With a plan in place to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by the year 2050, reducing the carbon output of our homes has now become an absolute top priority.[1]

All this has led to the rise in popularity of more modern, alternative fuels, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). As a clean[2] and cost-effective fuel supply[3], it’s fast becoming known for its environmental and cost-saving benefits. So, is it time you thought about switching from oil to gas or LPG? And, what are the benefits?

LPG: Why should I make the switch?
LPG has been making waves in the off-grid energy world thanks to its strong environmental and cost benefits. So, what exactly are the benefits of LPG and why should you consider them?

  • Cleaner: As a lower-carbon alternative to oil, LPG has a lower carbon intensity – approximately around 20%.[4] Unlike conventional fossil fuels it emits less nitrogen oxide (NOx) and virtually no Particulate Matter (PM). It also contains low SOx levels, making it a cleaner burning fuel than oil.[5] Another benefit is that LPG is a vapour, which means there’s no risk of messy oil spills.
  • Cost savings: As well as helping support a cleaner environment, switching to LPG can mean a cheaper installation over oil-based boilers[6] – an attractive prospect. You’ll also benefit from the price security of a contracted price, plus direct debit schemes allow you to budget your energy costs more effectively.
  • Increased efficiency: One of the best things about LPG is that it’s an incredibly efficient fuel supply. It possesses a higher calorific value per unit than other liquid fuels, which means its flame burns hotter [7] – this translates into higher energy efficiency and less energy wastage.[8]
  • Minimal maintenance: Oil boilers are notoriously costly to maintain. A new LPG boiler is not only cheaper to install[9], it needs far less ongoing maintenance too[10], reducing your servicing costs further.
  • Out of sight, out of mind: With LPG, you can expect greater flexibility for storage. With above or below ground options available for domestic tanks, you can ensure that your storage tank is positioned subtly out of view. Alternatively, if your energy needs are less substantial, gas cylinders are another option – easily maneuverable, they can be stored in a location to your choosing. LPG is also great if you’re working with areas where space is at a premium. New LPG boilers for example, can be installed in loft spaces freeing up room in other areas of your home.
  • Secure and safe: With LPG, you can dramatically reduce the risk of theft. Whether your storage tank is located above or discreetly below ground, LPG can’t be stolen making it an obvious choice over oil, which can be easily syphoned off by thieves.
  • Easy Installation: Making the switch to LPG is easy. LPG can be fitted into an existing oil-run central heating system with just a few adjustments.
  • The flame effect: LPG even has benefits in the kitchen. With a gas flame, you’ll have better control over the heat on the hob, plus because of the higher calorific value, you’ll be able to cook food quicker – no waiting for your hob to heat up. LPG is also great for fireplaces – with direct access to a flame you’ll have instant heat at your fingertips, keeping you warm and cosy.

LPG: the ‘go to’ for off-grid energy

With so many benefits to be gained from low carbon LPG, it’s clear to see why its quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ for those living off-grid. As it stands, oil is still an effective heat source, however, it will soon no longer stand up to the scrutiny of growing carbon reduction targets. The need for a cleaner energy supply is also only likely to increase, especially as the government’s ‘net zero’ legislation continues to be enforced. Making the switch sooner rather than later means you could be reaping the reward quicker than you think.

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