Who is Nick Boserio?


While some young skaters try to emulate the styles and successes of famous names in the industry, others choose to go their own way…and this would be a fair way to describe Nick Boserio. Instantly recognisable with an impressive beard, Nick Boserio has been around the world already at such a young age and now he’s becoming the shining light of the skateboarding world.

Who is Nick Boserio?

Originally, Boserio was born in England. Shortly after, his family moved around the world and spent lots of time in Asia. Eventually, they would settle in Perth, and the rest is history. Spending lots of time on the streets with his skateboard, Nick learned how to skate by himself and this led to an approach that would now be considered unconventional. On the streets, however, he was simply doing what he needed to do to get from A to B.

Now, his unconventional style has influenced many young skaters as the star continues to evolve. As long as speed, Nick has a way to make everything in an environment look skateable. Just when you think that he can’t skate on something, he rips up the rulebook and impresses once again.

After some time in Australia, riding around in his Alpine Beach wear, he recently moved again and now resides in Portland, Oregon. There, he has mastered the streets once again proving that even the most unforgiving environments are conducive to skateboarding.

History of Nick Boserio

With such a talent and skill for skateboarding, you might think that Nick Boserio has pictures of a four-year-old Nick holding his first skateboard. In reality, it wasn’t until he was 12 that he got his first board. He first moved to Perth at the age of 10 and picked up a skateboard around two years later. With his cousin and brother both skating, he wanted to emulate them both and this led to an exciting career.

In the early years, Nick spent lots of his childhood in the backyard learning the basics of skateboarding. Mainly inspired by his brother and wanting to follow in his footsteps (as most little brothers do!), he kept learning and eventually visited some of the skateparks around Perth and Australia.

When asked about his favourite ever skating spot, he spoke strongly of Australian Place. Although now removed from Perth, he says it was formative in his teen years and he spent endless hours there between the ages of 15 and 18. Colloquially known as Aussie Place, Nick claims that this particular skate park means so much to him because it’s where he spent many of his younger years while honing his craft.

Elsewhere, he has a tattoo of the Library of Victoria and also claims Lincoln Square in Melbourne as another favourite spot.

Skate Trips

Having travelled the world, fans will be interested to know about Boserio’s best skate trips, and the first place he mentioned in an interview was New Zealand. Together with some other Nike skateboarders, he travelled to New Zealand and claimed this to be one of his greatest skating trips.

Additionally, he holds Puerto Rico close to his heart having visited on two separate trips. Boserio has also been on a Red Bull trip to the Maldives.

For those interested in the age-old debate of Blazers vs Dunks, Boserio has been seen in both. While you were more likely to see him in Dunks in the early years of his career, he now seems to have moved towards Blazers and even chose these in an interview.

Nick Boserio is an exciting addition to the world of skateboarding and fans can’t wait to see what comes next!

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