Caffeine Consumption And How It Can Harm Your Teeth


Most of us like to have caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee in order to feel refreshed and rejuvenated following strenuous activities. In fact, large numbers of people are used to drinking tea or coffee as their first morning drink. Consumption of such caffeinated drinks in moderation is alright. However, excessive consumption of the same may result in adverse effects on your teeth. Also it has a bad effect on the overall body health. In some cases, the condition becomes so worse that one may even have to go for a dental implant in order to retain normal functions and good health of teeth. Let us now have a look at some of the key ways by which caffeine consumption may actually harm your teeth:-

Stains on teeth

One of the most evident and important harmful effects of caffeine consumption on teeth are the appearance of stains over the same. Due to excessive consumption of caffeine, yellowish stains may start appearing on your teeth and hence intervene with overall looks of your face. Staining may keep on darkening with passage of time which in turn may have permanent bad effect on your teeth aesthetics.

Plaque and tartar formation on teeth

Excessive caffeine consumption is also known to give rise to the problem of plaque and tartar formation on your teeth. It is because caffeine residuals may keep on depositing on your teeth which may lead for formation of plaque and tartar in the long run.

Increase in sensitivity of teeth

Drinking extremely hot beverages like tea and coffee is also known to increase the sensitivity of teeth in the long run. The teeth roots become weaker for such persons that are in the habit of consuming hot tea and coffee quite frequently all through the day. Thus you may also develop other dental problems like pain in the teeth.

Make your teeth prone to decay

Prolonged and frequent consumption of tea and coffee is also known to make your teeth prone to decay. The enamel of the teeth becomes weak. As a result of this, the teeth become more prone to decay. If the problem becomes severe, you may even have to go ahead with London dental implant to replace the affected teeth.

Harm the overall constitution of teeth

The overall constitution of teeth also gets affected in an adverse manner due to caffeine consumption. Teeth roots and gums also start experiencing problems as the acidic content in caffeine causes great harm to them.

After knowing all these adverse effects of caffeine consumption on your teeth, you must surely avoid the same in excess. You may switch over to other healthier options for drinking purpose so that your teeth may remain protected.

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