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What to keep in mind while buying MCT powder?

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Known to help people work towards their weight loss aspirations, MCTs have gained huge popularity among masses. The ability of MCTs to get easily digested allows them to be really good for the digestive system of the body. Technically, MCTs or Medium chain triglycerides are the fatty acids and are known to be significantly present in the substances like coconut oil. However, high concentration MCT oils and powder are what actually reach the consumer in the market. 2018’s reviews of the best C8 MCT oils in the market helps you have an idea of the amount of research involved in the development of MCTs, thus improving their quality.

MCT oil is processed with the help of addition of certain carrier agents which help it to get converted into a powdered form, thus bringing along a lot more advantages than the oil form. This article focuses on letting you know the important things which should be kept in mind while purchasing MCT powder from the market. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

  • Have a look at the fiber source: The choice of the fiber which is used in the manufacturing of MCT powder is a crucial factor in determining the quality of the powder. While purchasing MCT powder from the market, you need to have a careful look at the ingredients label and check the quality of fiber source used in that powder. Never save a few bucks by compromising with the quality of the fiber source of the MCT powder you are going to use as it can end up having a negative impact instead.
  • Avoid the one that uses palm oil for the extraction purpose: It is to be noted that MCT powder can be obtained from coconut oil as well as palm oil or a blend of these two. However, it is recommended to use the one obtained completely from coconut oil only and avoid the one having content of palm oil. This is because of the fact that palm oil industry is highly unethical because of the environment and social damage it does as a result of deforestation, habitat degradation as well as child labor. Apart from this, palm oil has to undergo several processes like reheating and sterilization which make it lose its health benefits.
  • Free from fillers and additives: Fillers and additives are the nutrition devoid substances which are added by the manufacturers for their own benefits such as increasing the bulk size etc. They are basically cheap in nature and degrade the quality of the MCT powder that you are using by altering its key composition. This is something to be taken serious care of by making sure that none of these additives and fillers are present in the MCT powder you are purchasing.
  • Unnecessary sweeteners should be present: The presence of sweeteners allows the manufacturers to come up with a flavored version of the product that feels way better to the tongue than its original form. At the same time, these sweeteners can take a huge amount of toll on your body by elevating the blood sugar level. This can eventually kick your system out of the process of ketosis, thus having a negative impact on your weight loss goals. You need to carefully check the ingredients label and make sure that none of the harmful sweeteners are present in the MCT powder you’ve decided for yourself.
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