Guide to Choosing the Best Italian Luggage Sets Material


Nowadays, the variety of luggage material available in the market is even greater than what most of us imagine. When it comes to the quality, there isn’t a single best luggage or material. Luggage material can come in various forms, such as ballistic nylon, polyester, leather, aluminum, polypropylene, polycarbonate and more. However, the best Italian luggage sets with variable materials also have their pros and cons.

For example, consider leather, which is quite durable but it is heavy, whereas nylon is lighter but it is still durable. Some other materials are also easier to maintain and clean compared to others. However, the very first thing you have to decide is whether you plan to buy a hard or soft external material.

Choosing the right material is often a tough choice. This is especially true because of the innovation in the design and the material and the functions it has over the years. In most cases, choosing hardside luggage is often the best bet.

Should You Choose a Hardside or Softside Luggage?

Innovative and modern technology today makes hard side luggage cheaper and easier to manufacture. This means that the difference between hard materials and soft materials is less apparent. Now you can get lightweight and similarly durable and well-priced hard and soft-sided luggage. Therefore, it all depends on preference now, and the type of material that you prefer to choose.

Although hard-sided luggage still offers the best protection, soft-sided offers better flexibility, since it is expandable with external pockets. Luggage companies like Mia Toro and many others are some of the top ones that specialize in the sales of various carry-on and checked baggage in various materials. As you read on below, this guide should help you to decide on the type of luggage that is most suitable for your traveling needs.

The Top Choice in Softside Luggage Materials

In soft-sided luggage, the most popular fabric includesCordura, ballistic nylon, and polyester. In top quality softside luggage sets, nylon,andCordura fabrics are the frequent options, while polyester is a popular fabric for a cheaper range of luggage.

Cordura Nylon

This is a great choice of material for soft luggage. It is famous for its resistance, and reliability to tears, abrasions, and scuffs. Usually, Cordura weighs a bit less than ballistic nylon and it easily takes dye, which means you more color choices. Note that Cordura is more abrasion resistant, whereas ballistic nylon offers more tear strength.

Ballistic Nylon

This material is a thick nylon fabric; it is durable and easier to clean. It has the ability to resist tearing and abrasion, which makes it a popular luggage material that has to withstand a considerable beating. However, the downside is that ballistic nylon is difficult to dye, so there are fewer choices in color. Usually, these come in dark colors or in black.


A cheap choice in material for softside luggage is polyester. These come in lower price options and they consist of high-quality polyester fabric. Polyester bag qualities can vary, but they have superb value for money. Note that the best indicator for the durability of the material is the denier rating, which shows the thickness of the fabric. You should know that the higher the number, the thicker and better the fabric.

The Top Choice in Hardside Luggage Materials

Hardside luggage is durable and it offers the best protection for the items inside. One of the most popular material options in hardside includes aluminum, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and ABS. The aluminum suitcases often are at the top of the range in terms of price and durability, followed by other options like ABS and polypropylene.


These suitcases for a while have been around. However, these are less expensive and increasingly replaced by other options that are less expensive.


This choice of material is a molded type of thermoplastic polymers and popular material for most hardshell luggage. This is lighter when you compare it to aluminum, but it is quite durable and it offers many style choices, patterns, and colors.

Another great benefit of this choice is the resistance it offers. Upon impact, this material flexes and it absorbs the impact and flexes back to the original shape, making this luggage resilient to the harshest handling.


This is a thermoplastic polymer type and one of the lightest products available, making it a suitable material for most lightweight luggage range. It is very resilient, not as much as polycarbonate, but a suitable choice for all those travelers who want better protection in the lightweight form.

Al the materials are suitable for the different Italian luggage sets choices. The materials all have various weaknesses and strengths, so you have to choose the best one based on your travel, for example, consider the weight, price, and the durability. For the best choice, you can always consult the dealers or the sellers of the luggage.

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