What is the name of that necklace you grow a flower in


I have seen the fictional legend in a novel: In Southeast Asia, on happy days, nobles ordered their slaves to cover the sundial with their bodies not letting time run out. It’s a romantic and cute fiction – because happiness is significant, you have to try to stop it from slipping away.

And today, in this era of Internet and technology, time seems to be speeding up. Even if social software can upload and download photos at any time, the inner joy will not last long.

Why not try an old-fashioned way? Just as the medieval aristocrats love to put portraits in pocket watches, we can also use the resin to collect the treasures that are cherished in a necklace like a necklace photo.

What is the name of that necklace you grow a flower in? That is dry flower jewelry as can be called resin jewelry, and its making process is simple and easy to learn, the results are very beautiful, you can put in the photo, dry flowers, or any other small things you want to save like a custom photo keychains – permanently treasure your little fortunate.

Material preparation: dried flowers or photos or other small objects, molds, resin liquids, foaming agents, transparent plastic sheets (hard paper shells), plastic cups, scissors, stir sticks, toothpicks, masks, gloves, etc.

Step1: Take out the prepared transparent plastic sheet and place it on the workbench and cut the plastic sheet to the same size as the mold. Make sure that the plastic sheet is completely clean and free of fingerprints and grease prints or other dirt, otherwise dirty objects will be sealed in your resin jewelry.

Step 2: Pour the resin liquid into the plastic cup, then add the foaming agent, and mix the two solutions in proportion. When you use resin, wear gloves, and keep your eyes away. Because the resin will have some odor, it is best to operate in a ventilated environment.

Step 3: Slowly and carefully agitate your resin mixture with a stir bar and stir for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, scrape off the sides of your stir bar and let the resin fill the edges of the cup evenly. Leave the mixture under a warm lamp for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Put dry flowers (photo or other items) into the mold, adjust the position with a toothpick, and slowly pour the resin mixture – to prevent air bubbles, use a wooden stick to drain and carefully control the pouring speed. Adjust the position of the dried flower after filling the mold. (Be careful and gentle, slow down when you remove the toothpick to avoid air bubbles)

Step 5: Allow to stand for one night, wait for the resin to dry, carefully peel off the transparent plastic sheet, and smooth the rough corners. Add the dry flower jewelry to the prepared chain, and a fun resin necklace is ready.

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