What are Your Options for the Payroll Management


With so many details, bureaucracies and responsibilities, it is common for the manager to pass on some important information, which, in the future, may even generate labor liabilities. In this way, outsourcing the pay roll eliminates failures and brings more security to this process.

Other common mistakes involve the delay in sending important ancillary obligations to the Government’s system. This inevitably creates sanctions for the organization and ends up hurting even the budget.

Finally, we have security achieved through experience and advanced technology. Specialists in labor legislation and state- of-the-art software ensure that the entire process is error-free. The service consolidates the entire set of laws which is extremely vast and correctly integrates payroll calculations.

Reduce costs

As explained, the option for outsourcing tends to be much cheaper than the adoption of internal control. In general, this measure will reduce internal costs.Time finds a key position in this circumstance, since the moments that would be spent on this demand are redirected to strategic functions of the company, improving production. Here are some common costs you should consider if you do not outsource:

  • Time for sheet processing;
  • Spending on payroll systems;
  • Training and support of responsible employees;
  • Updated labor legislation;
  • Time to complete, generate and send important ancillary obligations;
  • Expenses with errors in closing.

Increase team productivity

A very important issue for any manager is to look for ways to make the company evolve in its core activity. For this productivity to grow, it is mainly necessary to provide more free time for work. The core business central focus of the organization must be constantly worked on and improved. In this case, the transfer of responsibility for the control of the payroll positively impacts the release of time for the team to focus on profitability.

What is the difference between internalization and outsourcing?

Internalization, as the name implies, is the option for the internal control of this demand. Now see the main measures to internalize the payroll:

  • Designate professionals responsible for control;
  • Comply with rules and regulations in relation to these employees;
  • Comply with legal requirements, such as tax reports and remittances;
  • Understand about labor rights and calculations;
  • Attend audits, offer the correct reports when requested and clarify inconsistencies.

See that internalization is not as simple as it looks. On the other hand, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), which is outsourcing itself, takes on all these responsibilities and becomes an essential and efficient tool. So, as we have already said, payroll outsourcing is a strategic choice of the manager, who decides to transfer an important, but not central company activity, to a company specialized in the business.

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